Month: December 2014

I’m Yawning not because I’m not tired

At Transformations we often life coach people who are studying. They come to us because they feel stressed and tired or are just depressed with their lot in life. Did you know that you can relieve stress by just yawning? A good yawn can do wonders for stress and improve your performance. ENERGY YAWN This …

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How Clumsy Am I?

At Transformations Coaching and Hypnotherapy we believe in a holistic approach to our life coaching and hypnotherapy. We believe in adding an element of mental and physical exercise to complete the picture. There are many people who have problems with co-ordination. This can be traced back to what has happened in the past and can …

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Who Are You Kidding?

You have decided to Quit Smoking! What ‘s your reason? Why now? Changing a habit like smoking is a huge deal. It is easy to do. But, you need to have a reason. When you don’t have a ‘Why’ – Who are you kidding? you are setting yourself up for failure! So before you book your appointment, Ask Yourself, “If cigarettes were free, would you continue to smoke?’  

Brain Gym

As you get older you seem to lose the ability to concentrate and remember. We now know that if you don’t exercise or use the brain you lose it. It’s wise to continue to challenge yourself mentally to keep the brain alert. Here’s an exercise to help relax and remember information easily This exercise stimulates …

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