Month: July 2015


What are you afraid of? What are your fears? What do you believe to be true, that isn’t? These are the fears that prevent you from achieving your full potential!


Everyone would love to live the perfect life! Lots of money, a lovely house, polite children, holidays in exotic places. Whenever you dream and imagine the perfect life your are comparing reality to fantasy! Dreams are motivators, but they need action to bring to realisty. Dreams and fantasies are not the place to live.

Are You Being Selfish

Putting yourself first is never selfish so long as it’s not to the detriment of anyone else! Start now, today! We get about 840 months on this planet, you deserve some of these to be focussed on you! Do what you love? If you are not sure what that is, Find out!

What’s your Dream?

Dream big, Dream Often and plan for the lifestyle you really want to live. When you have no goals, plans or dreams you are like a ship without a rudder, you simply go where the tides take you. Without purpose, life becomes one day following the next. You are waiting to die and in between fulfilling the goals for others. Start imagining and dream your future today.

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