Month: September 2015

Out of Control

Quite often when I am helping a person to quit smoking I ask them if they think that their habit is controlling them. It always amazes when they say that it doesn’t. It is often a person who is a heavy smoker and been doing it for a long time that says their smoking habit …

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What are you thinking?

What were you thinking? How often do you hear this question? How often have we asked ourselves this question in retrospect? Our thoughts create our actions, our feelings, our reality! Our thoughts determine our decisions and responses to others. We have positive and negative thoughts, both alter our moods. Too much positivity we live in a fantasy world where everything is perfect. Negativity has us expecting problems and bad things to happen. We need balanced thinking to enjoy a balanced happy life.

He Made Me Do It

Our choices are ‘value statements!’ We choose what gives us the most benefits over drawbacks or less pain! We will ‘do’ things to be accepted, acknowledged, supported, loved, by others or a group. We will also ‘bend rules’ to gain more comfrot over pain. This Pluses and Minus can relate to any or all areas of our lives. There is an old saying “men die for it, babies cry for it!” Recognition, acceptance, and belonging are all major persuaders when people do things and we ask ‘what were you thinking?’

Imagine and feel it

Imagination is the language of the subconscious or unconscious mind. It opens up creativity. Your imagination is limitless. Nothing is impossible, everything is just an image away. Everything new in our world began in somebody’s imagination. Are you using yours?

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