Month: March 2017

A Soldiers Tale

War has many casualties. Front line soldiers may not be wounded physically but combat leaves emotional scars. To be an effective soldier, you must ‘think’ and ‘react’ not emotionally respond or you become a liability. Returning to civilian life is difficult and soldiers often have guilt, anger, shame, and fears to deal with. Relationships are hard to start or maintain when you are emotionally shut down. Mental health needs to be a priority.

Your Past Stress and Anxiety

Generational trauma has symptoms the same as any other trauma. The major difference is, the problem is not yours! In fact, in most cases you won’t even know why you feel fearful, stressed or sucumb to panic attacks. You know you are scared, you feel unsafe – all the time – but you have no clue why! Perhaps, something happened to your ancestors! Its worth a look!

Stress, Anxiety, Depression – Address the Cause

Typically, prolonged stress, anxiety, and depression is treated with chemicals,  known as anti-depressants. This treatment addresses the symptoms but, not the cause.  It is a band-aid, to give the person the ability to get on with life while undergoing counselling or other treatment.    One of the side effects of his treatment is that it …

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