Month: May 2017

It’s the environment stupid!

When Your environment is safe and supportive, your cells focus on growth and maintain the body’s healthy functioning. but when confronted with stress, cells become defensive and divert energy to survival and protection. Chronic stress, long term anxiety leads to dysfunction and disease. To be healthy we need growth. Treating only physical symptoms and not the mental or physical environment will never lead to a healthy body.

A complimentary approach to stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD

Doctors now accept the value of alternative & complementary treatments. There is a new perspective that understands the body is not just a mechanical device, but rather incorporates the role of a mind and spirit. Our environment, being the Mind, the body and our physical location all play a part in both our physical and mental wellbeing. Medicine alone cannot ensure our health. Complementary therapies such as hypnosis can prove invaluable to enabling a person to live life free of mental and physical pain!

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