Month: June 2017

The reason why we want to fit in

Ever wondered why it ‘hurts’ so much to be ‘left out!’ Whether it is an invite to a party, a place on a team, being given a job to do… we all struggle with that need to be accepted, to be part of the group. Why is that? Well, it all comes down to safety – safety in numbers! Being part of the group (any group!) keeps us safe! Way back in primative times… we needed a group to be safe, it still happens today. For humans, one of our top priorities is being in a group. This is why, most people start smoking to join their ‘peer group.’ Whatever, people around us do, we are driven sub-consciously to copy so we can belong!

How to easily stop drinking too much alcohol

Do You need to stop drinking? Alcohol abuse is a major problem. Most of us start with drinking to calm down, to feel relaxed and be able to enjoy ourselves. Maybe, you just stop worrying about what ‘other people think?’ Underlying the drinking there is always a reason! That reason is often connected to unresolved issues that happened in your childhood! Resolve the issues and stopping drinking becomes easier.

5 Ways to Quit Smoking That Actually Work

People say that quitting smoking is the hardest thing they have tried to do. Most people try pills, potions, patches to no avail! Last resorts are going ‘cold turkey’ and that’s stressful. Often the last resort is hypnotherapy! Really, quitting can easy! You need to make a decision, Book an appointment, and replace your smoking habit with breathing fresh air!

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