Month: November 2017

It’s not safe to be successful

Are you scared of failure?  Or is it more that you believe that it’s not safe to be successful?   I had a client that came to see me the other day to be motivated and said that they were afraid of success. When someone comes to see me about this I know that it comes …

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Signs of long term stress, anxiety and depression

Long term anxiety and prolonged stress will always have physical symptoms. Generally, you will notice the tightness of muscles in your shoulders first. Perhaps the stomach issues will follow and finally foggy thinking and lack of motivation. It will depend on the severity of the symptoms when a person decides ‘something’ is not right and seeks help. However, it may come as a surprise that the ‘discomfort’ originates from the continuous pressure of stress and anxiety.

Forgiveness doesn’t work

How many times have you heard “you must forgive!’ Forgive and forget – move on! It doesn’t do any good to hold a grudge! Sadly though, when we have been badly hurt – physically or emotionally – squashing down those emotions, the anger, disappointment and fears just leads to anxiety, stress and other mental health challenges.

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