5 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil

For many years, actually decades I have been a regular user of coconut oil on my skin.   I started using Coconut oil while living in the Pacific Islands, in desperation.  There were very few choices of moisturising products to choose from in the stores.  I quickly became a fan however as coconut oil was not only ‘affordable’ but I could see the benefits within a few weeks.  These are a few of my reasons, not only for external but, also, internal use.

 5 reasons why you should use coconut oil:
  1. WEIGHT LOSS – Coconut oil has medium-chain fatty acids and research shows that a diet rich in coconut oil helps to reduce the accumulation of fat.  It also protects you from insulin resistance. Medium-chain fatty acids increase metabolism which helps to burn off calories and decrease food consumption. Look at adding about 4 teaspoons of coconut oil a day into your diet.
  2. SOFT SKIN – Research shows that the topical application of coconut oils to the skin can help with dry skin and dermatitis.  Used daily you will see the results in 3 to 4 weeks.
  3. HEALTHY HAIR – Coconut oil can prevent and help with hair damage. The oil prevents protein loss which is the main cause of hair damage.  Brush a little coconut into your hair in the evening and wash out in the morning.  You will be amazed at the difference it makes.Benefits of coconut Oil
  4. ANTI-FUNGAL – Research has shown that coconut oil has anti-microbial properties that can kill the infection-causing fungus candida without creating drug resistance.
  5. COOKING – The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil mean this oil requires the highest temperature for it to form fatty acids. All vegetable oils will form fatty acids at low temperatures, with olive oil being one of the worst.

Coconut contains medium fatty acids where most other oils contain short or long-chain fatty acids. Of the oils containing medium fatty acids are limited, Coconut and palm oil are the easiest to find.

If you want to be healthy then it makes sense to use coconut oil.  The best and cheapest places to buy your oil is a health food or nutritional outlets.

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