It’s safe to say that the majority of addictions are caused by the fact that the body does not feel safe. Addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, food etc enable a person to cope with that feeling of not being safe.
Often that feeling of not being safe is an unconscious one and it’s therefore not noticed consciously. We all experience stress and trauma in our lives. When we have stress or trauma the body goes into survival mode. The muscles tense in order to be able to cope with the event and our stress levels rise. After the event the brain turns it into a memory and our stress levels are reduced and go back to normal.

There are times when our brains do not turn the stressor event into memory, why we don’t really know. When this happens that event or trauma is constantly relived. As a consequence of this you exhibit symptoms of anger, stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and many other symptoms. In order to cope with these people often resort to addictions. The addiction helps to numb the feelings, helps them to go away for a while.

Unfortunately, the addictions are only addressing the symptoms, not the cause. In addition, addictions to things such as alcohol, drugs, food etc are harmful to us and often lead to a life of dependency and purposelessness.

“The Richards Trauma Process” utilises hypnosis and can be very successful in breaking the cycle of addiction from unresolved stress and trauma. It’s quick and effective and above all it addresses the cause rather than the symptoms.

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