An alternative treatment for depression

Transformation Life Architects - Tuesday, August 21, 2018
I was talking to a friend today who was telling me about the battle that he had, had with depression. After a series of negative events in his life he found that he was extremely angry and life had lost a lot of it’s spark. He went to hid doctor who diagnosed him with depression and recommended that he go see a psychiatrist.

He went to the psychiatrist and said he had several session of talk therapy which helped. The psychiatrist also told him that depression could not be cured and he would always have it. He also gave my friend anti-depressants. 

He duly took the anti-depressants and said that he felt a whole lot better. After some months of anti-depressants he felt so much better and told the psychiatrist that he did not want to take them anymore. The psychiatrist told him that he would have to take them for the rest of his life and it took considerable effort for him to agree to wean my friend off of them.

This was some considerable time ago and my friend has been fine. The treatment worked. However I have some concerns about it. Firstly the issue that depression cannot be cured. Disagree with this completely. If you remove the root cause then why would there be any ongoing depression?  Why would you put the thought in a person’s mind that they cannot be cured?

Secondly, telling a person that they would be on drugs for the rest of their lives. Surely as a doctor you would be working towards a person being able to live without resorting to drugs. The drug companies would have been rubbing their hands in glee if they had heard this psychiatrist.

My point is that there are alternatives to drugs and traditional therapy to overcome depression. Alternatives that do not rely on drugs and work towards curing depression, the alternative is a process called TRTP which utilises hypnosis.
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