Are Hormones and Stress Wrecking Your Diet?

Transformation Life Architects - Wednesday, June 13, 2018

You eat the right foods, you eat small meals and you go to the gym 3 times a week - but the excess weight still won't budge.

What are you doing wrong? 
Well, your hormones could be wrecking your diet!   

Muffin Top: Around 10 to 12% of women suffer from poly-cystic ovarian syndrome and this is usually accompanied with another hormone condition, insulin resistance.    Often the first signal of this is 'thinning of hair'.  Insulin causes the body to store fat.  Excess insulin will mean your body is grabbing every calorie it can to turn into fat and by doing so will halt 'fat burning' no matter what exercise you may be doing.  This is the result of overeating sugar.   Solution: Cut out all sugars. Eat only 3 meals a day. Protein snacks between. Exercise, exercise, exercise. 

Puffy ankles, fat on your back: This can be an indication of thyroid problems.  Often common during menopause or when big swings in hormone levels occu
r.  Let your bra strap guide you here, if you start feeling you need a bigger bra size, a visit to the Doctor for a Blood test is a simple way to test. 
Thunder Thighs or buttocks: This is often caused by too much oestrogen or poor oestrogen metabolism.  Are you on the Pill or HRT? Speak to your GP. and cut out alcohol, processed foods, diary and drink plenty of water.  

Jelly Belly:  Jelly Belly is caused by too much cortisol and the most common problem of being overweight. Too much cortisol is directly related to stress. Cortisol is the 'fight, flight, freeze' hormone and is produced when the person (or body) is under stress, increasing levels of fat and sugar in the bloodstream.  If, after cortisol has been released we do not do something 'physical' to use up the fat and glucose, it is stored as fat.  If you are stressed regularly, even thin people will have excess abdominal fat stored.  This is because abdominal fat has more cortisol receptors than other fat in the body.    The solution is to find and manage the cause of the stress to balance out the hormones.

Our Weight Loss hypnosis program is designed to resolve the unconscious stress from the past and address issues that sabotage weight goals.
This is a brief outline of the sessions: 

The first 2 sessions are going to seem as if they are nothing to do with weight loss, however, they are all to do with the “cause” behind the overeating, the self-sabotage and the lack of will power or belief in being successful or slim, trim and feeling terrific.

These are the sessions.

Session 1 - Change your unconscious core beliefs and introduce you to the truth of who you are

Session 2 - Take out the emotional charge, Remove the pain out of the past.

Session 3 – Gastric Hypnotic Band – Start of Weight Release Program

Session 4 – Weight Release Hypnotherapy – Supporting Eating habit changes.

Session 5 -  Weight Release Hypnotherapy – Specific focus on Your Issues

Ongoing sessions (if required or desired)  Focus on specific Weight Issues

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