How to Overcome Addictions

Addictions Can Ruin Your Life Addictions affect nearly every part of your life. Unfortunately, addictions also become progressively worse the longer you have them. Some of the most common addictions include addictions to alcohol, drugs, food, smoking, shopping, and gambling. Some other activities which people do not associate with being addictions are being a gym junkie or constantly exercising; workaholics; overe Read More...

Where are you going?

The biggest temptation is to settle for too little – Thomas Merton Are you going through life without a clear direction? Are you letting events and others in your life dictating where you are going? Your best chance of having the life that you want is to know precisely where you are going. This applies precisely to your health and anything else that you do. Many of us do this intuitively but very few of us  Read More...
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