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Does smoking affect hearing loss?

Our Quit Smoking Hypnotherapists are always looking at better ways to help people to break the habit and quit smoking cigarettes. In doing so, we come across some interesting research. It makes sense that if you have a habit that affects your circulation then you sort of expect to have problems with your feet feeling cold. Restricted circulation can have some effects that we don’t even think of.  One of these is the effect on hearing loss.

Loss of HearingHearing Loss

There is now more evidence that smoking can affect your hearing. In recent research conducted in USA seems to support the belief that smoking does definitely affect hearing.

The results of the study showed that current smokers were 1.69 times as likely to suffer hearing loss as non-smokers. What was even more interesting was that the study showed that non-smokers who lived with a smoker were also more likely to lose their hearing at a faster rate.  This was directly attributed to ‘second-hand’ smoke.  This raised the question of the impact of smoking on children in a household of smokers.  They are smaller and logically the effect of second smoking will be greater.

Hearing loss is estimated to affect 30 to 35% of adults. This can be due to genetics or environmental factors but it also looks as if smoking can increase the chances of you having significant hearing loss.

One study found that men who smoked more than 1 pack a day had worse hearing thresholds than non-smokers. It’s thought that the effect is caused by the circulation of the blood being affected in the ears. Nicotine causes the blood vessels to constrict and thus circulation is affected which can lead to hearing loss.

Hypnosis Proven

Hypnosis has been proven to assist people to quit smoking quickly and easily, you just need to want to quit. It makes sense to stop smoking cigarettes so that you can have the proper blood circulation and avoid the problems caused by restricted circulation.

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