The bright side of Covid-19

Covid-19 has unexpected benefits to health and family life, that most of us didn’t expect. Parents have more time to share with children, more time to exercise, extra cash (if you are working from home). Families are enjoying home-cooked meals and less ‘time stress’. Yes there are downside, but lets focus on the benefits from a moment.

Top 5 Ways to Overcome Fear of Success

Fear! The majority of us ‘think’ we are scared of failure! But thats a lie we tell ourselves! Really we are terrified of success. Who will I become when I achieve my goals? What will I lose? Will I change? Will I like me? All these negativities and lots more get in our way to success! But you can change Your Mind, and make success exciting and the natural thing to do.

Out of Balance

Bringing Balance into our Lives starts with our Thinking! When we focus too much on the ‘bad, the things that go wrong, the negatives’ we become depressed and anxious. Trying to always focus on the good, the positives, expecting only good things to happen creates a ‘fantasy’ world that unrealistic. We need to bring balance to our thinking, lives and expectations.

Be Who you Are

Are your relationships balanced? When one person in a relationship gives up ‘being themselves’ and is always deferring to the other person’s wishes, it quickly becomes a ‘careful/careless’ relationship! Relationships break down when values are not being met! If you find yourself always ‘keeping the peace’, it is time to do ;something’ different!

Do I, or Don’t I?

Decision making can be easy if you look for the balance first. Write down the positives and negatives of each choice! Ask yourself, what will I lose? What will I gain? Remove the ‘hype, excitement, emotion’ from the decision making process. This will allow you to make a clear headed decision based more on fact than fantasy!

And the winner, the subconscious mind!!

Decisions to Change start consciously but are executed sub-consciously! But it does not matter how determined we are to change a part of our life if, our ‘sub-conscious mind’ does not believe its ‘safe’ for us to do so, owe will run out of willpower or self-sabotage before we succeed. Why! We all have ‘unconscious core beliefs’ that sabotage us. So, the first step to achieving lasting results is to change the Unconscious limiting beliefs.

Your perception is your reality

How do you think about yourself? Do you like what you see in the mirror? Our perception creates our reality! So if we ‘think’ we are a winner, we tend to have good luck! Whatever, we believe about ourself – who and what we are and stand for – becomes the foundation of both our identity and the life we live. Our thoughts created the reality that we live! We need to change our thoughts and perception about ourself, before anything changes.

It’s not safe to be successful

Are you scared of failure?  Or is it more that you believe that it’s not safe to be successful?   I had a client that came to see me the other day to be motivated and said that they were afraid of success. When someone comes to see me about this I know that it comes …

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