Trauma can be physical or invisible! Physical trauma is seen, accepted and sympathised! Mental Trauma is the ‘invisible trauma’ often diagnosed as long term stress, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress(PTSD).  Mental Health trauma is a silent robber of the ‘Joy of Living’ and it can affect anyone.  It is invisible! Never forget to ask: R U OK?

How to easily stop drinking too much alcohol

Do You need to stop drinking? Alcohol abuse is a major problem. Most of us start with drinking to calm down, to feel relaxed and be able to enjoy ourselves. Maybe, you just stop worrying about what ‘other people think?’ Underlying the drinking there is always a reason! That reason is often connected to unresolved issues that happened in your childhood! Resolve the issues and stopping drinking becomes easier.

It’s the environment stupid!

When Your environment is safe and supportive, your cells focus on growth and maintain the body’s healthy functioning. but when confronted with stress, cells become defensive and divert energy to survival and protection. Chronic stress, long term anxiety leads to dysfunction and disease. To be healthy we need growth. Treating only physical symptoms and not the mental or physical environment will never lead to a healthy body.

Get Angry, Take Back Your Life

Can you get angry? Often we ‘think’ we shouldn’t! Really, ‘what will people think?’ and ‘I’m ok, I’ve dealt with it!’ are common excuses that hide the fact we are ‘afraid’ of getting angry! The truth is if we hold anger inside, ‘it is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die!’ Anger needs to be released to allow you to move on. TRTP – The Richards Trauma Process is an excellent hypnotic process for achieving this.

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