Emotions of Pain

Transformation Life Architects - Wednesday, September 05, 2018

I had a client come to see me with chronic back pain. She had been to several doctors and had numerous tests and nobody could say why she had pain. What was interesting is that with all the tests that had been carried out nobody had 

thought to investigate what stress and trauma had occurred in her past.

When I looked at her past there were several incidents of extreme stress and trauma. Chronic pain without any real organic reason often involves emotions, caused by past, unresolved, stressful or traumatic events.

Hypnosis is very effective in the treatment of pain. One of the reasons is that it relaxes muscles, but when there are emotions involved they need to be cleared for it to be effective long term.

Using hypnosis, we cleared the unresolved stress and trauma, followed by a dedicated hypnosis for pain. This was recorded so, by listening to the hypnosis repeatedly, my client will develop the ability to use self-hypnosis when pain arose. Using hypnosis for the treatment of pain  can have varying results. Depending on the client, the effects of hypnosis can be for a few minutes, hours, days or years. 

I also like to encourage my clients to learn self-hypnosis as it gives clients more control in their life and therefore more choices. If you are suffering from chronic pain, especially where there seems to be no reason for it, it’s wise to look at your past and see what stress and trauma has occurred as this could be the cause.  Then book a complimentary session with a hypnotherapist at Transformations. 

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