I was reflecting on the concept of gratefulness after having a morning of frustration and anger.

My day had not got off to a good start by discovering that someone had hacked our credit cards and had run up a bill of $ 11 000. This meant that I could not use the credit card which had automatic payments for insurances etc. Then to top that off I managed to back my relatively new car into a pole and dented the back. Next, to rub salt into my wounded pride…several of my appointments for the day were cancelled or changed. You get the picture.

After getting over feeling sorry for myself I asked myself what I was grateful for. Grateful for the fact that the bank picked up the fraud and I did not have to pay it. What’s a little dent? At least I still have a car to drive. The tests that had come back from the doctor were all good and it looks as if I will be fit and healthy for some time to come.
When we have setbacks in life, and we always will it’s easy to become a victim and go into woe is me and have a pity party. One of the best ways that I know to get over this is to reflect on the good things that you have and be grateful.

No matter how bad things are there is always something to be grateful for, you just have to look.

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