How to easily stop drinking too much alcohol

Drinking Too Much

I get a lot of people who come to me saying that they are finding that they are drinking too much alcohol. Often they are drinking up to a bottle a day, especially in the evening. If you are doing this you are, technically, classified as an alcoholic.Drinking too much

The word alcoholic often brings up an image of someone who is totally out of control and cannot function without alcohol.  The reality is when your drinking first becomes a problem, you probably weren’t even aware of ‘how much’ you were drinking.  You would still operate as usual.

Alcoholism Needs Specialised Treatment

A disclaimer, before I continue: the Therapy I am going to discuss is not effective for somebody who is at this stage, or has been diagnosed as an alcoholic.  While it may help in relation to underlying causes that initiated the need to drink,  it will not stop ‘an alcoholic’ from drinking.

There are degrees of alcoholism and when you drink alcohol on a daily basis it classifies you as an alcoholic.


The first step in stopping any habit is to make a decision.  In the case of over-drinking, decide not to drink alcohol anymore. As with most things you have to want to make the change. Many people ask if “they can just have a glass or two in a week.”  The answer is no. Just having one glass is a trigger and before long, you will go back to where you started.  You decide: to either drink or don’t drink alcohol.

Why Do You Abuse Alcohol

The abuse of alcohol, in most cases, comes down to the effect of unresolved stress or past trauma. Alcohol can help to dull or stop the thoughts being caused by the fears and anxiety of unresolved issues.  It is an ‘unconscious feeling’ of not feeling safe.  Mostly, you have no conscious thought of this, it is just ‘there!’   You just know you feel better when you ‘can’t feel!’

Excess drinking is a ‘symptom’ of the underlying root cause.   When you remove the root of the problem, then it becomes much easier to give up drinking alcohol.
To resolve unresolved stress or trauma, the body and mind need to know two things:
•          That it is save and the events or event is over
•          You have power over the event or events

TRTP uses hypnosis to do just this. The reason why hypnosis is used is that it allows you to make suggestions of change to the unconscious mind. All the unresolved feelings of past stress and trauma reside in the unconscious mind, that is where the changes are made.

If you want to stop drinking alcohol then consider the TRTP process and hypnosis. For more information on TRTP and how it can help you contact us on:

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