I can’t think

Transformation Life Architects - Saturday, September 15, 2018
A woman came to me recently as she was suffering from depression and anxiety. When I measured her depression, anxiety and stress it was extremely high. She said that she was having trouble thinking clearly and she could not imagine a future.

This is not surprising when you look at the physiology of the body when there is depression, anxiety and stress. 
Most long term depression, anxiety, stress and even PTSD is caused by unresolved stress or trauma from the past. When a person has a stressful or traumatic event it goes into survival mode. You are given three ways to handle the event, you can either fight, run away or freeze (flight, fight or freeze).

To be able to do this the muscles of the body have to be primed, they have to be able to spring into action in a moment. To get to this stage the body takes blood from the brain, you don’t want to be thinking of what you should do, you could die whilst thinking about it and the blood is channelled into the muscles. Blood is also taken from organs that don’t need to work at this time such as the stomach and the blood is channelled into the muscles. The muscles and body is then flooded with hormones so that the muscles become like tensed springs. 

When the event that caused this is over the body and brain return to calm. With people who have long term depression, anxiety and stress the body and brain does not return to calm. Why this is we are not entirely sure.

 People like this often suffer from foggy thinking as the right amount of blood is not getting to the brain. They often have stiff necks and shoulders as the muscles remain tense and they often suffer from digestive problems as the digestive organs are not getting enough blood. They are in survival mode and when you are in survival mode you can’t think of the future, all you can think about is surviving!

With hypnosis and a method called TRTP you can resolve unresolved stress and trauma from the past very quickly and efficiently. This allows the body and brain to come back to calm, this then means that you can think clearly and about the future.

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