I’ve forgotten!

Oh! No, I’ve forgotten again.  When you are emotionally stressed it is so easy to forget the simplest things.  It also can be very distressing.   People frequently will have trouble trying to remember things especially when it comes to past trauma. Often this loss of memory makes them feel incomplete and they feel as if a part is missing.

I’ve Forgotten – Again!

The loss of memory about past stress or trauma allows a person to protect themselves. I can't rememberIf they remember the events, they relive all the trauma associated with the event. This, in turn, retraumatizes and starts a downward spiral of stress, anxiety, and depression. In other words, forgetting is a way to protect a person, it is a survival mechanism.

Unfortunately, forgetting events does not always work because the unconscious mind does not forget. One of the best ways to break this cycle is to use hypnosis, “The Richards Trauma Process”. This process enables a person to quickly and effectively become empowered and to know that the events are over and they are safe, two things that are necessary to remember past stress and trauma without suffering from stress, anxiety and depression.

Can It Be This Easy

What if this can’t work for me? The only time that this process will not work is:
1.  Subconsciously, you don’t want to change.
2.  You won’t allow yourself to get angry at the person or the event that has caused your problems.
3.  When you go back to the environment, mental or physical, that has caused your problems.

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