Who Are You Kidding?

You have decided to Quit Smoking! What ‘s your reason? Why now? Changing a habit like smoking is a huge deal. It is easy to do. But, you need to have a reason. When you don’t have a ‘Why’ – Who are you kidding? you are setting yourself up for failure! So before you book your appointment, Ask Yourself, “If cigarettes were free, would you continue to smoke?’  

Brain Gym

As you get older you seem to lose the ability to concentrate and remember. We now know that if you don’t exercise or use the brain you lose it. It’s wise to continue to challenge yourself mentally to keep the brain alert. Here’s an exercise to help relax and remember information easily This exercise stimulates …

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What’s a thought?

Just recently I have been reading about thoughts and the power of thoughts. I have always known that thoughts have been powerful and that everything starts with a thought. Think about that, everything starts with a thought! That means that we can create and destroy by thought alone, mind boggling. Bruce Lipton in his book …

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If it’s not been proved it’s not true!

As a scientist myself for a long time I believed that if something could not be proved then it is not true. Talk about flawed thinking! There are many things in this world that happen and cannot be proven by science. Even though it can’t be proven it still happens. This being the case, then …

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Trauma: Set Yourself Free and Live!

Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety or Depression are the result of emotional events that have happened in the past, that remain unresolved or “unprocessed” by our Mind. These events start to loop like a video on “auto replay” and can be triggered to start playing by an event, a thought or even a small or a taste. It …

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Who is the most valuable? You or Others?

The other day I was talking to someone who said that they had to have a big marriage ceremony because the family expected it. This was going to put a considerable financial strain on them. So here was someone who was going to go into debt to have an expensive wedding because the family expected …

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7 Facts About Sugar

Sugar is 50% glucose and 50% fructose. Excessive fructose from too much sugar causes the liver to produce triglycerides. The triglycerides cause a fatty and dysfunctional liver, high blood pressure, diabetes and abdominal obesity. The average Australian consumes 14-16 teaspoons of sugar a day. The recommended daily intake of sugar is 9 teaspoons for men …

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