Signs of long term stress, anxiety and depression

Signs of Anxiety

During a conversation with a client I asked, are you suffering from stiff shoulder muscles, cloudy thinking, stomach problems, and can’t think about the future. He looked at me in amazement and said, how did you know? I suffer from all of this!

When you are suffering from long term stress, anxiety, or depression it means that your body is stuck in survival mode. When you go into survival mode you can deal with the event by either fighting it, running away from it, or from freezing. Flight, Fright, or Freeze.

Anxiety = Flight, Fight, Freeze

To get into FFF (flight, fight, freeze) the muscles need to be like springs so that you can literally spring into action. This means that firstly the muscles must have large amounts of blood.anxiety stress To accomplish this blood is taken from the brain, there is no need to think, blood is taken from the stomach as you don’t need to digest to overcome the event.

Adrenaline diverts Blood to the muscles and flooded with hormones. The muscles become like springs ready to burst into action.

When your muscles are stimulated, blood is diverted from your brain and your stomach.  You do not need to think or eat when you are trying to survive.   Your muscles feel the pressure of being continually tensed in anticipation of springing into action.
TRTP utilises hypnosis to overcome these signs and symptoms and the cause of them quickly and effectively.

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