Stress and Cancer

Transformation Life Architects - Tuesday, May 07, 2019
Epigenetics is the buzz word in medicine these days. So what is epigenetics and how does it interact with stress?

Epigenetics says that genes can be turned on or off by the environment that we are in or the environment that we create. For instance we all have genes that can cause cancer but it is only when we have an environment that turns on these cancer genes does cancer appear. The good news is that by changing the environment the genes can be turned off.

The big question is what is the environment that causes genes to turn on or off.

One thing we do know is that long term stress increases the chances of turning cancer genes. I know someone who’s life is made up of one stressful event after another. Her life makes a soap opera look tame in comparison. It’s interesting that she has to have skin cancers cut out at least three times a year. The stress in her life is turning on genes that cause skin cancer.

If you now add drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and very little exercise to stress then your chances of turning on cancer genes are increased even more. On the subject of exercise is that people with a lot of long term stress often do not exercise at all. All their energy is consumed with handling stress.

It makes sense to create an environment that does not turn on cancer genes. It makes sense to seek help with reducing stress. I would recommend things like hypnosis, acupuncture, yoga, mindfulness etc. Use drugs as a last resort because they add to an environment that turns on the cancer genes.

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