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5 Ways to Quit Smoking That Actually Work

People say that quitting smoking is the hardest thing they have tried to do. Most people try pills, potions, patches to no avail! Last resorts are going ‘cold turkey’ and that’s stressful. Often the last resort is hypnotherapy! Really, quitting can easy! You need to make a decision, Book an appointment, and replace your smoking habit with breathing fresh air!

He Made Me Do It

Our choices are ‘value statements!’ We choose what gives us the most benefits over drawbacks or less pain! We will ‘do’ things to be accepted, acknowledged, supported, loved, by others or a group. We will also ‘bend rules’ to gain more comfrot over pain. This Pluses and Minus can relate to any or all areas of our lives. There is an old saying “men die for it, babies cry for it!” Recognition, acceptance, and belonging are all major persuaders when people do things and we ask ‘what were you thinking?’

Who Are You Kidding?

You have decided to Quit Smoking! What ‘s your reason? Why now? Changing a habit like smoking is a huge deal. It is easy to do. But, you need to have a reason. When you don’t have a ‘Why’ – Who are you kidding? you are setting yourself up for failure! So before you book your appointment, Ask Yourself, “If cigarettes were free, would you continue to smoke?’  

Quit Smoking

Most people start smoking cigarettes to fit in. Human Beings are driven by the need to ‘belong,’ to be accepted and included. Your Unconscious Mind links this to a feeling of safety! You have heard the saying: there is safety in number! When you try to quit smoking cigarettes, unconsciously you are in conflict with your need to belong, to keep safe! Hypnosis allows your therapist to re-program your subconscious to accept the change easily. Book a complimentary session to find out why this helps.

Unconscious habits

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