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Forgiveness doesn’t work

How many times have you heard “you must forgive!’ Forgive and forget – move on! It doesn’t do any good to hold a grudge! Sadly though, when we have been badly hurt – physically or emotionally – squashing down those emotions, the anger, disappointment and fears just leads to anxiety, stress and other mental health challenges.

Unconscious Core Beliefs (UCB’s)

Ever wondered where that ‘little annoying voice’ comes from! It’s your subconscious mind speaking to you! The words are your unconscious beliefs supporting you! Yes, the ones we notice most are negative. Your unconscious is trying to keep you safe. Most of these beliefs are not true! What do you believe to be true, that isn’t?

What are you thinking?

What were you thinking? How often do you hear this question? How often have we asked ourselves this question in retrospect? Our thoughts create our actions, our feelings, our reality! Our thoughts determine our decisions and responses to others. We have positive and negative thoughts, both alter our moods. Too much positivity we live in a fantasy world where everything is perfect. Negativity has us expecting problems and bad things to happen. We need balanced thinking to enjoy a balanced happy life.

I Want

You will know when you are ready to quit smoking! The right time is when you ‘want to.’ The great thing about hypnosis, is we can check if you want to quit or just feel you need to or have to! Make the decision to quit smoking and hypnosis makes it very easy to be a permanent non smoker.

What’s a thought?

Just recently I have been reading about thoughts and the power of thoughts. I have always known that thoughts have been powerful and that everything starts with a thought. Think about that, everything starts with a thought! That means that we can create and destroy by thought alone, mind boggling. Bruce Lipton in his book …

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