Value of Values

Do you feel that life is passing you by and that you are leading an unfulfilled life?

If you fall into this category then it is probably because you are leading your life according to your lowest values. Most people when asked what their values are will say things like honesty, loyalty etc. These are not usually your values, they are values imposed by society to help society function.

A value is something that you perceive is missing in your life, it’s a void in your life. The bigger the void the higher that value is. We try to live our lives according to our top values, our hierarchy of values. If you look at your life you will see that it demonstrates your top values.
When you are living your life according to your top values then you feel inspired, fulfilled and motivated. When you are living your life according to your lowest values then you feel as if life is passing you by and you feel unfulfilled.

The biggest problem is, what are your values, how do you discover them? John Demartini has an exercise that helps you to uncover your values and it would be wise to do this exercise. You can either go to his website and download the questions or go to a trained Demartini facilitator who will help you do the exercise.
Your hierarchy of values is unique to you. It does change over time because as you fulfil a value it will drop down and another will take its place.

If you are not happy with what you are doing  take the time to discover your values and live a life of fulfilment and purpose.



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