What’s the Positive?

Transformation Life Architects - Wednesday, June 06, 2018
I was talking the other day to a very successful lady. It wasn’t long into the conversation when she started talking about how bad her life had been and how it was affecting everything that she was doing.

When she stopped for a breath I asked her, so what are the positives to all of this. There was silence and she looked at me as if I were mad. No, what are the positives to how bad your life has been I said. Again there was silence and then she opened up. She said, you know if that had not happened to me I would not be where I am now and I would not have the drive that I have.

As humans we seem to naturally gravitate to thinking of the negatives in our lives. The more we do this the more negative life seems to be. It makes sense because you get what you think about.

When was the last time that you took time to be grateful and see the positives of your life. There are always positives as well as negatives, it’s the balance. No matter how bad things may seem there will always be a positive.

Be aware of your thinking. If you find yourself going into the negative pull yourself up. You will go into negatives because again that is the balance of life, but don’t continue to do what you have done in the past, which is to stay in them.

 Take time out every day to look for the positives of your day and be grateful. Open a gratefulness journal and record everything you are grateful for in your day. Do it before going to bed so that you can go to sleep with a positive mindset and a feeling of gratefulness.

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