Your perception is your reality

Did you know that your perception is your reality?  It doesn’t matter if it is true or fantasy, what you ‘think is true’ is your reality!   Have you ever met a person who constantly talks about ‘being overweight’ but you can’t see a bit of excess fat on their body?  Recently I was working with a person who came to see me with weight issues.  This person eats well and exercises twice a day at the gym. She is by no means overweight.

How Do You See ‘You?’

The biggest problem is this young lady “thinks” that she is overweight. When she looks at herself in the mirror she sees herself as being fat!  However, when I look at her, I see a slim fit woman. But unfortunately, it does not matter what I think, it is her perception of what she looks like that really counts.

She sees herself as being fat. She weighs herself every day and is terrified of putting on weight. So, the question is where did this perception and behaviour come from?Perception

The answer to this is that it has come from past unresolved stress and trauma. When you look at her past there that support this behavior. A weight-loss therapy program is not going to solve this young lady’s problem or change the perception she has of herself. Her behaviour is her unconscious mind preventing her ‘believing’ she is a healthy weight.  This, in a weird way, is the subconscious mind trying to keep her safe.  The perception of being overweight an illusion associated with unresolved stress and trauma.

Resolve Past Issues

To allow her to eat healthily and realistically it is necessary to change the perception and resolve the cause of the unconscious fear!   To do this, a relatively new hypnosis process is my ‘Go To Therapy’ as it resolves these issues very quickly, usually in 3 to 4 sessions.

If your perception doesn’t fit what is your actual reality, why not contact us and book in a complimentary strategy session to find out what we do and how we can help you ‘change your mind’ and bring your perception back into line with your true identity.

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