4 Steps to Mastering Your Life

18 May 2019


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4 Steps to Mastering Your Life


Are you at a Crossroads in your life?  Sick of feeling like you are on the sidelines, a 'by-stander' watching life just pass you by!  

Do you want to gain clarity on what direction to head in, or what decision to make about your future?

Are you living your dream life, or building the dreams of another's? 

It may be that you are in a relationship that has lost its 'spark', or you just want a 'special person' to share your life with!'   Or maybe, your last child has left home and you are thinking 'who am I?  Suddenly I have no purpose, an empty-nester.  

You have a great job, a great partner, nice everything..... but something is missing!  

You feel depressed, you know you shouldn't be, because from the 'outside' your life looks great.  But there is an empty 'hole' inside you can't seem to fill !  A feeling of emptiness that can only be filled with passion and purpose!  

It's not a mid-life crisis!  It is a Life Change.  And when life changes, so must we! 

The Discover Your Destiny Retreat program runs over 6 nights / 7 days in the beautiful mountains surrounding Ubud in Bali.  This program has been changing the lives of those women who have undertaken it for many years in its previous form - 6 weekly 2 hour sessions.   You can be any age, and at any stage!  This course suits all women from all backgrounds, cultures and countries.  You will find it challenging but very rewarding. 

Let's here from a couple of our past participants:

"I was a a crossroad with several goals that I wanted to achieve and through this program I was able to set viable actions to achieve these goals.  Both of the goals I had in mind, I achieved and the result was better than anticipated.  I can highly recommend this program - it made my thinking clearer and more goal oriented."  Marilyn

"This course really changed the way I think about my life.  I now truly understand what drives me on a daily basis and this has led me to accept myself more.  I think that understanding how my conscious and unconscious mind work, and connect with each other, also taught me to understand why I think the way I do. It also taught me by changing the way I think can lead to better outcomes in my life. I loved learning about goal setting and how we can break down a goal into achievable steps.  There is no doubt that I was challenged by this program but the effort has really been worth the outcome.  Joslyn is a fantastic facilitator and she made the course interesting and fun to participate in! I would really recommend this program to anyone who is looking for new direction and clarity in their life!" Carla

Discover Your Destiny Program

The focus of the Discover Your Destiny program is for you to ultimately set your own goals and a plan of action to achieve them.  At times you will feel challenged and you will need to dig  deep inside of yourself to find the truth of who you are,what you truly value, and what you want from your life.  The group environment offers emotional support, encouragement and mentoring to help you focus on your goals and to get clarity around what you can do to make your dreams a reality! 

You will learn valuable information and tools that will help you to:

Step outside of your comfort zone

Gain more confidence within yourself and in making choices

Be focused on what matters most to you

Learn to put yourself first.  Not in a selfish way, in a way that empowers yourself and others

Understand the value of your imagination

Move forward with clarity and certainty

But, Wait, There is Way More.........

Why a Retreat?   Why do we need to go overseas?  Why not a local event?   We could learn all this at home!
Yes, of course you could!  But, would you?  Would you take time off your busy life to focus on yourself? 

Because we know how difficult it is to make a Life Change while living in the same environment, so we created Life Change Retreats to enable you to "PRESS PAUSE" and step away from your life for 7 days and incorporate relaxation, pampering and fun with learning new life skills.

Why Bali? ....

Well....  Why not?  It is not called the "Islands of the Gods" for nothing.  It is serene, calming and chaotic!  The perfect place to relax, reflect, and redesign your life.  

Bali is also about fun, pampering, great food, and new adventures ... so we have included a little bit of everything for you to experience!! 
During this Life Change Retreat we are going to kick off our shoes, get rid of some 'baggage' in the mornings and then go and 'PLAY' in the afternoons!  
We have lots planned.  You can check the whole itinerary here 

Let me give you a quick overview.

Day 1 you are picked up from your hotel or the airport and transferred to our Resort, the beautiful Alam Sari.   At dinner you will be Welcomed by Balinese traditional dancers.  
Day 2  We start the day with Yoga, for those who wish to participate, or a swim or laze in your beautiful room.  Imagine sitting on the balcony, the birds singing,  blue sky, sun shining, coffee. ahhhh,  heaven!  Breakfast is followed by our first workshop, before we are collected by our private transport and driven to our beautiful Spa paradise for 2 to 3 hrs of pampering.  Massage, facials, pedicure, manicure... your choice!  We will visit the local markets and have dinner before returning to our private resort. 
Day 3. We start with Meditation for those interested, breakfast before our 2nd workshop.  Today,  we are cooking our own lunch (only if you wish - remember all activities are optional) our Resort has its own organic gardens and a speciality Chef to teach you the joys of Balinese cooking.  We follow this with a Garden and Village tour before relaxing beside the pool or going shopping.  There is time today to have a 30 minute free consult with our Coach/Hypnotherapist.  
Day 4.  Is a day of Reflection and New Experiences.  No Workshop today because we want you to integrate and think about your learnings so far. .  This is an amazing day.  You are going to love our activities today.
Day 5. Yoga, Swimming, before a beautiful breakfast. Today is all about communication and Values.  My favourite Workshop.  You will learn Why you Do What You Do!  The afternoon we have a tour planned ... where does the group want to go? 
Day 6  Meditation, breakfast, more relaxing before our workshop to bring it all together.  This is a day of gratitude and giving before our celebration dinner.
Day 7  Sadly its time to leave.... but we have time for lots of laughing, reflection and fun before we leave.  And remember .....

The Retreat workshop program includes 4 weekly Q & A webinars to ensure the total mind & body integration of all elements of the workshop lessons.  You will all catch up with your new friends then.

If you are interested but are unsure about participating in a group environment, rest assured you are not alone.  We can guarantee that this group environment will be supportive and empowering for you.  Imagine having the advice and friendship of women who know they are in, or have been in, a similar situation to you?  Going through this together can be inspiring and life changing.  Often friends are made for life is these environments. 

If you feel stuck, but have 



Then this Life Change Retreat is for you.  It is time for you to Discover Your Destiny!  


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