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Transformations Coaching & Hypnotherapy was established in 2007 by Joslyn and Stephen Gardiner and operates from premises in Capalaba. Our rooms are a safe, confidential environment in which you can relax, let go and just be yourself.
Our speciality is “Giving People Their Life Back” using Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Counselling techniques. Does this sound dramatic? We hope so, as it is the words we constantly hear from our clients! Anxiety, Stress, Depression, PTSD, grief, pain and addictions such as smoking, emotional eating, drinking, and gambling rob you of the lifestyle you deserve. Hypnosis is the fastest way to change the Unconscious Core beliefs that are holding you prisoner and we have ten years of training as Clinical Hypnotherapists to help you do it.  We boosted our team in 2022 when Cheryl Else joined our business to assist with TRTP Trauma therapy and mental health clients.Cheryl Else TRTP Trauma Therapist
All our therapists are fully accredited TRTP trauma therapists. Steve is a senior mentor and trainer in – The Richards Trauma Process – a 3-step process to resolve problems such as depression, stress, long-term anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The results achieved using this process are fast, effective and  “life-changing”….

Joslyn and Steve are also passionate about Hypnosis, and the rapid change it can bring about, and they dedicate a minimum of 4 weeks to professional development every year (both in Australia and overseas) to ensure the very best and latest therapy is available to our clients.

Steve has developed advanced Hypnosis for pain management; he is also known locally as the “Quit Smoking Expert”.

Cheryl works with clients suffering from past trauma, but specialises in weightloss.   Cheryls weight loss clients may have eating disorders, suffer emotional eating, and sugar cravings and her unique Gastric Band hypnosis is achieving excellent results. It is a holistic approach using dynamic reImagining, coaching and counselling to find the “cause” (often a result of past trauma) to ensure that once resolved, overeating and being overweight is no longer a problem – for life!

As we have trained extensively with Dr John Demartini and facilitated at his “Breakthrough Experience” in Brisbane using The Demartini Method®, We often will complete our client’s program with a session on Values to ensure the life they are living is genuinely their dream life.

Specialising in one-on-one consultations – face-to-face or Online via Zoom– we help people achieve their desired life. I believe that we are all here on this earth for a purpose,” says Steve, When you uncover that for yourself, you have the power to reach your full potential”.

So whether you are in Capalaba, in Brisbane or further away in Australia or anywhere in the world… we are available… 
In our office or online via ZOOM in the comfort of your own home.
Steve , Joslyn and Cheryl  have 30 years coaching experience between them and are all 
highly trained Clinical hypnotherapists, Certified Life Coaches, and TRTP Trauma Therapy practitioners.
Their qualifications are:
Diploma Hypnosis
Diploma Psychotherapy
Clinical Hypnotherapists
Advanced Trauma Specialist & trainer in  “The Richards Trauma Process” – TRTP

REAL & Results Coach

Master NLP Coach & Trainer of Hypnotherapy

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