Trauma – Stress, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression


Anxiety, Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Is your Anxiety ruling your days and nights?
  • Is your life being controlled by the on-going impacts and pain of past trauma?
  • Are you constantly in survival mode rather than living a rich and fulfilling life?

  • Are you at a point in your life where you just can’t see a future and you have resigned yourself to feeling this way for ever?
The biggest battle we all face throughout life, is the one we face within ourselves…
Any traumatic stress or anxiety shakes the foundations of our understanding of life, upsets our beliefs about safety, and shatters our assumptions of trust.   Imagine the impact if a traumatic event happens when you are a child,  the affect is magnified significantly and ‘becomes’ part of the identity of how you, ‘the child’,  reacts to other circumstances later in life.
All long-term anxiety, stress and depression is the result of unresolved highly stressful or emotional events that happened in the past.  But, it can be resolved.

The Richards Trauma Process – TRTP

If you answered “yes” to two or more of the questions above, it is quite likely that you are suffering stress, anxiety, depression or PTSD from past events in your life and these events are interfering with your daily life.  Do you find it difficult to make simple decisions, and are you constantly looking for outside confirmation when you try to make a decision? If so,  then you need to book a complimentary strategy session and  find out more about The Richards Trauma Process. (or TRTP as it is more commonly known)

At Transformations Coaching & Hypnotherapy we use TRTP – a unique 3 step process that was formulated through life experiences by Judith Richard’s in her battle to regain her “mind”  after years of torture and abuse.  The Richards Trauma Process is the step by step process Judith used to remove the effects of trauma and stress in her life and now you can to.  Skip to the video below to hear Judith explain.

All past highly stressful events, whether we perceive them as traumatic or not, can lead to conditions such as stress, depression, anxiety or even PTSD.  Almost every policeman/woman, fireman. paramedic, soldier, emergency nurse, midwife, Doctor has seen things that is hard for the ‘mind’ to comprehend.  Onlookers at car accidents, disasters, survivors of domestic violence (including the children) have witnessed dreadful things.

TRTP was created to free these people, to free you…

The process enables you to:

    1. Know that you are safe and it is over
    2. Be empowered in relation to the event

TRTP is safe, quick and above all very effective.

There are three steps involved:

 Appointment 1 -We all have limiting Unconscious Core beliefs about ourselves. These come from past experience, what others have said to us and what we say to ourselves. Very Often, 80-90% – of these beliefs are not true and when we remove them or change them in our unconscious, we give ourselves permission to do amazing things.  In Appointment 1 we remove your limiting beliefs and introduce you to your authentic self.

 Appointment 2 – We pull the teeth on the most stressful or traumatic events in your life. You don’t have to go into the details of these events because we understand this may be to re-traumatise yourself. What we do, do is to empower you,  so that you feel safe and can revisit the event as an empowered person. You take control over the event, the event does not control you.
Appointment 3 –

Seeing the future. In this appointment we guide you so that you can see the future where you are not shackled by the past. It’s over and you are safe and you can now plan and visualise the future.

Trauma, for most people, is an emotional response to an event like an accident, violent death, sustained stress, rape or natural disaster.  However, of the 1.5 million people in Australia diagnosed with PTSD or severe trauma, the largest majority (+ 65%) of these are “survivors” of domestic violence and/or physical, mental or sexual abuse suffered when the person was a child or within their “home” environment!

Consciously, you may not even be aware of what actual event caused your symptoms.  Immediately after the event, shock and denial are typical.   Longer term reactions include unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, strained relationships and even physical symptoms like headaches or nausea. These feelings prevent you moving on with your life.. Your internal thoughts rule your life become a ‘hidden’  part of you that you have to cope with every day. Even those closest to you are unaware of this part of you. You may be searching for answers of why ‘you are always on edge’, often feeling frantic or fearful.  These emotions run your life and affect every decision you make. Perhaps you are on medication for depression, anxiety, panic attacks…not knowing why, but desperately wanting to be free from the weight of these emotions. If this is you then there is hope.  The Richards Process is a cutting edge hypnosis technique that can assist you in overcoming these challenges quickly and safely forever,  without drugs.

Anxiety and depression Hypnotherapy

As an ex soldier I found that as I got older my anxiety levels rose and I began to exhibit all the signs of PTSD. I could not watch a movie or read a book on war without it profoundly disturbing me. I did the Richards Method and felt really great and balanced. I decided to try out how effective this method was and went to watch the war movie “American Sniper”. To my amazement I slept like a baby that night and have had no unsettled feelings. If you are suffering from the effects of trauma such as anxiety, depression or stress I highly recommend that you go to Transformations Coaching and Hypnotherapy. It’s fast and effective.  Steve, Brisbane, Qld
  Listen to Judith Richards explain: 

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