Is your life going the way you planned…Do you achieve the goals you set… Do you even know how to set a goal?

Is life boring? Leaving you feeling… “is this all there is?”   The Richards Trauma Process – TRTP may be what you need. 

If You are living a life of Quiet Desperation… Earning money, but not quite enough! Your relationship is comfortable, but you’ve both lost the “sparkle and excitement!”   You feel like every day is ‘ground hog day!’

OR… are you a high achiever, who knows exactly where you are going but enjoys having a “coach” to share the journey with?

At Transformations we provide a way to achieve greater clarity and purpose in your life. In a nutshell we help you to turn the challenges in your life into opportunities so that you can live a fulfilled life.

Could you benefit from:

    • Happier Relationships
    • Better work and life balance
    • Overcome anxiety, depression and phobias
    • Having more Clarity and inspiration
    • Achieving your goals
    • Knowing why you do what you do and Get what you actually WANT!
    • Build positive and healthy relationships with the important people in your life!
    • Being in control of your life

Maybe you are ‘running’ from your past?  Something is haunting you.  You don’t know what – but you can ‘feel’ something is going to happen.   You simply don’t feel safe.  You over eat; over drink; over react!  You know life is spinning out of control but you don’t know why, or how to stop this slide into self-destruction!

TRTP Therapy is Different

Our therapy style is different as we use TRTP Dynamic Imagining we call Hypno-Coaching. Hypno-Coaching is a mixture of coaching, counselling and hypnotherapy. The use of hypnosis allows your therapist to access your unconscious mind to rapidly change Unconscious Sabotages.  Our Unique strategies were acknowledged by Telstra Business Awards judges as a “cutting edge therapy” that creates rapid change for our clients.  TRTP – The Richards Trauma Process was created out of Judith Richards own personal trauma and her struggle back from ‘madness! 

Our philosophy is that “You are not broken, there is nothing to ‘fix’, You are just out of balance”. Our process brings self-empowerment, by first changing Unconscious Core Beliefs – UCB’s,and secondly resolving any past emotional triggers that are present.  Once the first steps are complete, the ’cause’ of many issues have disappeared but we continue with breaking the addictive behaviors and habits that take away lifestyle choices.  Behaviors such as smoking, drinking excessively, gambling, domestic violence, anger and rage are just symptoms of the unresolved emotional trauma so once the cause is dealt with…. become easy habits to change.

We specialise in helping you to get the results that you want fast. Our counselling is not about dwelling on what you do not want but focusing on what you do want. We all have a purpose, that purpose gives us fulfillment and joy. Knowing your purpose gives you the freedom to be the best you that you were born to be. Everyone deserves to achieve that.  Our VALUES session will unlock the Key to ‘what really drives you’!  It is a Life Changing Session.

TRTP Dynamic re-Imagination is about someone believing and encouraging you to seek new horizons. It’s about giving you the tools and confidence to break out of your comfort or discomfort zone. A way to turn the challenges in your life into opportunities.

“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions.” – John Demartini

Let us help you find the right questions to ask…  

At Transformations Coaching & Hypnotherapy we specialise in the following areas:

  • Breaking Habits – Quit Smoking; Weight Loss
  • Relationship and marriage Counselling
  • The Richards Trauma Process – TRTP
  • Abuse, Bullying, Abandonment, 
  • Resolving Anxiety and stress.  Overcoming Depression
  • Unconscious Core Beliefs
  • Trauma and PTSD – Post-traumatic-stress-disorder
  • Women – Domestic Violence Counselling
  • Values – Fears – Phobias – Sabotages
  • Weight Loss Hypnosis and Gastric Band Hypnosis
  • Business in a Box – Hypnosis Training

TRTP Counselling Sessions


It’s important when you are making changes in your life to trust in your counsellor. We offer a complimentary strategy session to assess us as counsellors and for us to have clarity in what you want to achieve.

Feel free to book in for a complimentary session.

All our sessions are one on one and they give you the opportunity to work on exactly what you want or need. There is no judgement and we provide a safe and trusting environment where you can express yourself. It’s all about encouraging you and helping you to gain awareness, meaning and achieving. Emotions are caused when we view life or a situation from a one sided view, be it a positive or negative one. We coach to help you to see that when your life is in balance the emotions disappear so that you can move on to achieve.

Together with your Counsellor we will design a practical strategy to ensure that you achieve what you want. We provide accountability and motivation to overcome the challenges that you are facing.

At your free session we will suggest the number of sessions or package best suited to resolve your issues.  Each session with your counsellor will be sixty minutes duration by phone, ZOOM or face to face. These sessions are one on one. You will also have unlimited email access and be sent any related resources you need. Each session is linked, so that there is accountability, momentum and sustainability. All we ask from you is to have the desire to change, to accept and follow all the suggestions given (they will always be safe, sensible and for your own benefit) and to “do what it takes” including the “home play”.

There are payment plans and options available for your comfort. If you are ready to invest in yourself and to live the life that you want then contact us.

“Emotions are blind because they only see one side. When you run your life with infatuations and resentments, you dis-empower yourself. You give your power away – not because of what others do, but because of what you do.” – John Demartini

Workshops and Webinars

There are a brilliant range of workshops that cover topics such as Self Sabotages, Values, Health and Weight Loss. To get more information on the latest workshop click here.

Take advantage of our free strategy session. 

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