Hypnosis and Coaching via Skype and Zoom

Skypenosis is the “cutting edge” method now allowing therapists to conduct coaching or hypnotherapy sessions via the internet.

The sessions are just the same as if you were a client in our offices having a face-to-face sessions.  However, the client and the therapist are in different locations.  Time, distance, mobility will no longer prevent you from connecting with a Certified and internationally recognized Hypnotherapist or Life Coach.
At Transformation Coaching & Hypnotherapy, we recognise that it is not always easy for clients to attend a face to face sessions at our premises; and therefore all of our therapists have been specifically trained in the Advanced Hypnotherapy and coaching techniques required to conduct our Clinical Hypnotherapy and coaching services via Skype,  telephone or other internet methods.
“We work with a variety of clients who, due to their work commitments or lifestyles, prefer to have their sessions via Skype, because it is far more convenient for them. Often our clients live very remote areas of Australia, or in another state or country.  However, more and more frequently, our SKYPE clients just want to save time by connecting to our services on line – often during breaks in their busy schedules – and live “just around the corner!”
Research has shown that results are as powerful as face-to-face sessions, often even more so.  This is because our brains have been trained to really deeply focus (which is a hypnotic trance) when watching, listening or learning from a computer screen or TV screen. We focus more intently when watching a small screen and intense focus is the key to successful hypnotherapy.

Clients who may consider Skype Hypno-Coaching Sessions include:

• An individual more comfortable using Skype than having a Face-to-face session
• A time poor professional, “Fly in/Fly out” mine worker or shift-worker
• An individual seeking an after-hours session
• An individual unable to travel due to transport or mobility difficulties
• A Mum or Dad… with small children or a Carer without sufficient free time
• An individual living or working outside of Brisbane in either a regional, remote or isolated region of Australia or another country.
Whether you want to Quit Smoking cigarettes, lose weight, or set Goals to change the World … SKYPE or face to face sessions with a Coach to facilitate the change is essential.  When life feels overwhelming and you want to breakthrough and control trauma, anxiety, stress…. Your location no longer is a barrier between you and the assistance that will help you to take back control of your life.

Clinical Hypnotherapy and coaching can help with:

• Stress, fear and anxiety management
• Building self -confidence and self-belief
• Enhancing leadership skills and focusing on goals
• Public speaking
• QUIT Smoking
• Self-hypnosis for change
• Weight Loss including Virtual Gastric Band
• Pain management

All our Services are available via SKYPE or in our clinic in Capalaba

SKYPE now allows our clients to connect with a nationally accredited Clinically Hypnotherapist or Life Coach who can not only listen to your issues, understand your feelings and emotions but also observe your body language and thus conduct a professional Hypnotherapy session all in the comfort of your own home or chosen location.
Now Professional Coaching and access to a clinical Hypnotherapist is simply a call away.  No-one needs to struggle alone, help is at hand all you need is a reliable internet connection, a web camera and a voice-over-internet-software application (Skype is a free download) which you download and install prior to your first appointment. Best of all a Skype to Skype conversation is free (there is a charge for the therapy session though) so you don’t need to worry about the cost of the call.

How does on-line Coaching work?

Firstly you need to download the program and install it onto your computer.
Click skype logo to download it.
Follow the instructions to install. The program should assist you with then setting up the program on the computer plus instructions for creating an account.

What is Skype Hypno-coaching?

Skype is an internet based program which allows video calls over the internet. It is free and easy to set up. It allows real-time conversations between two people. The advantages of using video over text or phone calls are that it allows the Coach / Hypnotherapist and client to see each other. However, in some instances your therapist may need to “disable” their own camera if the internet connection is not strong.  This enables your therapist to observe you and keep you safe all times during the therapy.

How do I schedule a (Skype) Hypnotherapy or coaching Session?

To Schedule an online consultations please use our  Contact Us page and in the message section please state: –
• Your first and last name
• Your Skype name
• Contact details (address, telephone number [landline] including area codes and e-mail address)
• Your preferred consultation style – in this case “Skype Consultation”
• Your preferred appointment time and date
• 50 words or less why you are seeking coaching:

  • Quit Smoking  /  Weight Loss  /  Quit alcohol
  • The Richards Therapy –  PTSD;  Anxiety;  Depression; Stress;  Anger;
  • Domestic Violence;  Rape;  Assault Victim
  • Lost Your Way:  No Drive;  No Passion;  No Purpose…. “is this all there is?”
  • Life Passing You By…
  • Want to get a job… but doing what?
  • Relationship Issues –  Partners, Kids, Work
  • Don’t Know… but life should be fun and its not!!!

Session and payment details

• On-line hypnosis Sessions will vary in length depending on the service required.
•  Skype session fees are the same as a face-to-face session.
• A non-refundable deposit is made in advance (prior to 1st session) via electronic bank transfer or via our “on-line booking” system.
• You will be sent an invoice and Confidential Client Information Forms via email and payment may be made by credit card or Direct Deposit.
• Payment needs to be received 2 days before the session.
• Confidential Client Forms and Questionnaires must be returned 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment for the 1st session to take place on time.
At the agreed time You will contacted via Skype or Zoom. 

Take advantage of our free strategy session. 

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