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 Why Am I Overweight?

You aren’t overweight simply because you have an appetite for large portions.  And it may not be because you loathe the treadmill, or because you have a thyroid problem, or because you are too busy (or too lazy) to plan a healthy meal or prioritise time for a workout.

Instead, unconsciously, it just may be that you are ‘wearing‘ your excess weight as Armour, as a protection against an ‘unsafe world’.

Weightloss starts with Mindset

Does This Sound Familiar?

You’ve tried dieting, diet fads, pills and exercising –  You scan magazines for the next, Celebrity Solution, but you find only silly fads.

And let me guess, you start off full of enthusiasm, join a gym, maybe weight watchers, buy a set of scales and clean out your food cupboard.

No More Junk Food in this House!  And then “life gets in the way”. Perhaps you get stressed at work, the kids play up… and you just “needed a treat”.  Before you know it, all the good intentions disappear and pretty soon you are back to your old eating habits.

You become frustrated, angry and annoyed that you haven’t got the “willpower” to stick to eating properly even for a few weeks!

I know how you feel! I’ve been there.  You have been led to believe that weight loss and weight control are all about cutting calories, and eating certain foods and somehow you are bad, lazy or lack self-control and have no willpower if you can’t lose weight.

That is rubbish!  No one sets out, intentionally, to be overweight!

What is missing from these programs is the “whole truth” about long-term and permanent weight loss.  Years of scientific research have proven that there are “3 critical components” for a weight loss program to be successful in achieving any long-term weight control.

Weight loss requires 3 critical components:

  1. Mindset Change
  2. Correct Nutrition
  3. Focused Exercise.

The most important is Your MINDSET.

Your ‘Unconscious Mind” controls everything thing you do.  Everything!

So, unless you get rid of the ‘sabotages’ that are holding you back, no amount of Willpower will keep you on track!

This is why My Perfect Image is so successful.

Your coach will send you 3 questionnaires for you to complete and return BEFORE your first session.

The first questionnaire asks about your weight journey.   What is your goal?  When did weight become an issue? What is your health history? etc

Second, there is a questionnaire on past events – what emotive events have happened in your past?  We are looking for emotional triggers for overeating.

Last, but certainly not least, we want to you to dream a little.  This questionnaire is to IMAGINE life as you want it to be.  Not just your weight, your health and your fitness but redesigning your whole life.  What do you want? More money; security; a new job; better relationships; What you imagine is what we are going to create, just because you can!

Each of these questionnaires enables your therapist to personalise the dynamic re-imagining so that you attain the best and quickest results.

We start with Mindset and breaking “unconscious limiting core beliefs” that sabotage your weight control attempts. During this session, we introduce You to the Real You.

In the second session, we remove any ‘baggage’ from the past that may be allowing your ‘unconscious’ to feel the need to hold onto the weight.

Lastly, we move on to the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis sessions which will naturally reduce the amount of food you eat each meal while increasing the desire to exercise, eat healthily, and practice mindfulness and portion control.

During the sessions, Your Coach will “CRUSH your CRAVINGS” for the foods and eating habits that sabotage your success.

Your Coach will “CHANGE Your mental IMAGE” and anchor in new belief patterns around food, eating and achieving the image you will say is My Perfect Image.

By linking your highest value to your Perfect Image, curing your cravings and changing your mindset about your image, losing weight becomes easy and natural. The result is that you will maintain your natural weight and the Perfect Image for you permanently.

My Perfect Image Is A Lifestyle Change.

The Weightloss Success Package
4 Sessions – 4 Weeks.
  • Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs that sabotage your Success
  • Discover Your Authentic Self
  • Remove the “unconscious” blocks to weight loss
  • Remove Emotional Stress Triggers
  • Portion Control
  • “Crush Your Sugar and Carb Cravings”
  • You will Choose the foods that suit you and your Lifestyle
  • Reduce snacking,
  • Eliminate emotional and boredom eating urges.
  • Boost Your Metabolism
  • Therapy and support tailored to your specific needs
  • You will attain the image that you will say is: My Perfect Image
  • 4 Hypno-Coaching sessions – supported by MP3 and information sheets
  • Does not include Gastric Band Hypnosis

Number of Sessions:  4

Total Success – Gastric Band Weight Loss Program
5 Sessions – 5 Weeks
  • Breakthrough Limiting Unconscious Beliefs that sabotage your Success
  • Discover Your Authentic Self
  • Remove any Emotional stress triggers
  • Remove any Fears, and anxieties – making it Safe to be Slim!
  • Learn WHY and HOW ‘secondary benefits’ keep you fat!
  • Analysis of Metabolism, hormones and dietary imbalances
  • Imagine the New You!   See yourself successful, slim, trim, toned/sexy!
  • Portion control
  • Break cravings for high-calorie fattening foods
  • Reactivate “I’m Full” signals
  • Reduced snacking
  • Eliminate emotional eating & cravings
  • Do away with boredom eating
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Increase your desire to exercise
  • Therapy and support tailored to your specific needs
  • 5 Hypno-Coaching sessions, supported by MP3 and information sheets
  • Includes Gastric-band surgery hypnosis.

My Perfect Image Will Teach You To:

  • Discover WHAT has been sabotaging your diets in the past.
  • Understand HOW your unconscious controls your willpower
  • Introduce you to the Real authentic you.  Know who you are!
  • Eliminate unresolved past stress/trauma and give you back Control of your life
  • Determine WHAT you VALUE most and then LINK this to your weight loss goal
  •  Become inspired to exercise
  • Achieve the results you desire
If you are serious about changing your health, your life and transforming your body ….

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