Vision, Mission, Purpose, Values


Our Vision is to live in a world of Joy and Laughter where people live purpose-driven lives full of Love and Gratitude A world where Anger and Aggression, Guilt and Shame, Fear and Doubt are replaced with Acceptance, Tolerance and Fulfilment


Our Mission at Transformations Coaching & Hypnotherapy is:

  • To Empower people to lead Purpose driven lives doing what they Love
  • To educate People on the Power and Ease of Hypnotherapy
  • To Deliver practical “Business-in-a-Box” Training  Programmes
  • To be the No: 1  “One-Stop Coaching Resource Shop” on-line.


Transforming Life’s Challenges into Opportunities to Grow and Learn Empowering YOU to create positive changes in your life So you can live the lifestyle you desire.

Our Values

RESPECT: We respect what others have to say and where they come from. We don’t judge but accept people for what they are.


GRATITUDE: We are grateful for everything that we have and get. It does not matter if something seems good or bad, we are grateful for the lesson.


CONTRIBUTION: The act of giving back is important to us. Whether it is to the community or to a client it displays our gratitude of what we have.


HUMILITY: We are not better or worse than anybody, we just are. We strive to achieve the results that you want without fuss and fanfare.


CONNECTION: Our aim is to connect with you on all levels. With connection comes trust, trust to overcome challenges.


ACCOUNTABILITY: Accountability for us is to be responsible and do what we say that we are going to do. We walk our talk.


ABUNDANCE:  For us this is about “having it all” in every area of our lives. Everything is available to us, it is about deciding to have it.  There are no limits to what we can have, be or do,  save those we place upon ourselves.

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