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Joslyn and Steve Gardiner have spent over 20 years studying in the field of self-empowerment and human potential. In 2008 Joslyn and Steve started Transformations Life Architects. The main aim of Transformations is to help people to turn the challenges that they have in their lives into opportunities. Opportunities that people can use to have the life that they want.

MISSION – To be a leading company that empowers people to create positive changes in their lives which in turn enables them to live a life that they want.

PURPOSE – Transforming challenges into opportunities enabling you to excel in your life

VISION – A world where people are living their life to the fullest. A world where people are independent and have the capabilities to move beyond their challenges.

Over the years Steve and Joslyn have studied life coaching, hypnosis, neuro-linguist programming and psychology, all of which has helped people to free themselves of their limitations.

Steve has worked extensively in helping people to quit smoking. He jokes and says that it is ironic that he helps people quit smoking after spending some time in the tobacco industry growing tobacco. As well as quit smoking Steve uses his hypnotherapy and coaching skills in a combination which he calls hypno-coaching. Using this method he has worked with clients presenting pain, depression, relationship problems, phobias and other major problems.

Joslyn has worked extensively in the field of weight management and uses hypno-coaching to help her clients reach their ideal weight. Weight management is not just what Joslyn is about and she is also a highly skilled coach and Master NLP Practitioner. These skills enable Joslyn to be a very effective coach to help people achieve their goals in life. Joslyn is passionate in passing on her knowledge to people and does this through speaking and workshops. Her workshops are extremely practical and many people have changed their lives as a result of attending her workshops.

Steve and Joslyn are continually looking for new ways and methods to improve their techniques to help people live the life that they want. In their pursuit of knowledge they have studied with many of the greats in the field of self-development and human performance. All of this adds up to a couple that are highly experienced and motivated to help people remove the challenges in their lives so that they can achieve their full potential.

They have studied extensively with Dr John Demartini who is a world leader in human behaviour. Both Steve and Joslyn are trained facilitators for Dr John Demartini which has enabled them to study and implement the concept of balance in life. In most cases people are not broken but just need balancing to move on. The concept of values is an extremely important element in the work that Joslyn and Steve do. They believe that if you know what your top values are then you know why you do what you do.

Many people in the course of their lives lose direction and purpose and this is why Steve and Joslyn have called their business Transformations Life Architects. Their purpose is to help you gain the clarity and direction that you need to have the life that they want. Everybody deserves the life that they want, there is no need to just exist. Transformations Life Architects is all about people designing a blueprint for the life that they want, not want others want for them. We can safely say that Joslyn and Steve truly understand the whole mind, body, soul concept. 

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