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TRTP – Trauma Therapy


4 Sessions that Changed my Life

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My Life Changed

Working with Steve was transformative in
every way possible. Things around me didn’t change but I did, and that made all
the difference personally and professionally. My family now refers to the time
‘Before Steve’ and ‘After Steve’. TRTP is the gift that keeps on giving!

AWG Mental Health Professional   Feb 2023

Steve has been helping people Quit Smoking for Years,  Check out older reviews here 


I Gave Up Smoking

I am so happy that I came to see Steve. I have not touched a
cigarette & am absolutely a permanent non-smoker.

Feeling amazing &
very proud of myself. 

 Thank you for your amazing services & help. Appreciate it so much.

Krissy Brown   Jan 2021


Confidence to Fly Again

We brought our son Neil to see Steve on the recommendation of a friend. Neil has suffered extreme anxiety for a long time and had been diagnosed with PTSD. Neil did The Richards Trauma Process with Steve and we noticed that he was a lot calmer. Shortly after doing the process Neil was required to fly to Cairns to attend his brother’s wedding. He had been extremely anxious about this and hated flying. As a result of seeing Steve, Neil was able to fly to Cairns, take part in the wedding ceremony and enjoy himself. We can’t thank you enough.

Sharon and Scott  May 2016

Anxiety and PTSD Resolved

As an ex soldier I had found that as I got older my anxiety levels had risen and have been exhibiting symptoms of PTSD. I could not read or watch anything on war without feeling unsettled and found that I could not sleep for days after. After doing the Richards Method on trauma I went to see the war movie “American Sniper”. I slept like a baby that night and have no feelings of anxiety. If you are suffering anxiety, stress or depression from trauma I highly recommend that you come and do the Richards Method with Transformations Coaching and Hypnotherapy.

Steve, Brisbane Qld

Have you ever been so removed from “reality” that you could no longer “Feel”? Well after 5 years of treatment with many psychologists and weeks “in house” at PTSD clinics… I had had enough. I was recommended to Steve and I was blessed. I can now go out. Go to the letterbox – how strange that sounds!.. how good it feels! I can sleep without nightmares – properly! 3 sessions – 1 face to face and 2 via SKYPE… and I can feel, I can laugh, I can LIVE…. if you, like me have had your life on hold because of past trauma… see Steve and do it today!  M. Melbourne via SKYPE Mar 2016

Bring the Event Back Into Balance

It is amazing how it is the little things that hold you back in life.  I had developed a fear of riding horses after a fall 13 years ago, which began to have a major impact on my capacity to progress in my chosen work environment.  In forty-five minutes Joslyn was able to balance the event, show me the benefits I had gained from the experience and see the drawbacks had I not fallen from the horse.  I left feeling amazingly confident and excited about the tools she had given me to balance things in the future.
Chris,   Tweed Heads

It is strange how events from your past, you hardly remember, have the ability to “stop you in your tracks” when you least expect it.  My life had been spirally downward, out-of-control until I came to see Steve.  Using The Richards Process, Steve, linked  2 or 3 experiences that I hadn’t realised had shaped my thinking but instilling fear, anxiety and stress into my decisions.  I didn’t realise how it was holding me back. Breaking those links allowed me to feel safe again, to feel in control, empowered to move ahead – no longer a victim.  Now its like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!   S.  Brisbane


Quit Smoking the Easy Way

I have just completed a QUIT Smoking session with Steve and I am confident I can now move forward in my life without the support of cigarettes.  WOW what a feeling of Freedom.
Ryan,  Karratha  WA Oct 2016

THANK YOU. I want to say thank you to Transformations Coaching and Hypnotherapy as my brother-in-law, my sister’s husband gave up smoking this year. He smoked for many years and tried to give up smoking but never succeeded. My niece and nephew (his children) and my children were always pleading with him to give up smoking and at times would hide his cigarettes and even destroy them and through them in the bin, which of course he would not be too happy about. When I met you this year and heard that you guaranteed people who WANTED to give up smoking would through your program, I quietly gave it to my brother-in-law. Fortunately, he snuck off quietly and saw you and it wasn’t for a month or two before we actually found out. We are so proud of him and are very grateful to Transformations Coaching and Hypnotherapy. Of course I am over the moon as being a Personal Trainer smoking is one thing I certainly encourage people to give up so they can start leading a healthy and positive life.  L.D.  Personal Trainer

I am excited that I have now QUIT Smoking. The QUIT process was great and I felt in control of my thoughts and decisions throughout the whole process. I am confident within myself that I am not a non-smoker.  Thank you so much Steve.
Michelle 2015

Joslyn is providing excellent personal and business coaching and is progressing according to my individual needs. I appreciate the way she draws both on formal study and on broad real-life experience to elicit positive long-lasting results. I have found her to be friendly, professional and discreet. I would recommend her as an appropriate coach to people of diverse personalities, ages and genders with varied backgrounds interests and needs.
Anita Murfett – Business Owner

I am so overjoyed at my decision to participate in the “QUIT Cigarettes in 60 Minutes” program as I finally have control over my future. My session was easy, relaxing and convincing. I am overwhelmed with the fact that I know the hypnosis has worked and I am looking forward to a happy and healthy life, not smoking.
Beverley J Stovio

During my series of coaching sessions I got more clarity around a persistent pattern I recently discovered with the support of my Coach’s insights. I liked the way she was able to consistently summaries what I was saying into clear succinct statements. “I related to your personal disclosure around similar behavior. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the behavior I’m displaying. It also helped me own it more. I’m looking forward to the next session and uncovering more patterns and behaviors. Thanks Joslyn.”
Jodie, Management Accountant

My Transformations Coach was wonderful at taking where I was up to and building on it in the way that I best needed. Steve has the skills and ability to be completely free within the coaching framework and be client centered. I achieved great results.
Robert, Factory Technician

Jos is a great coach – very understanding and aware. Is able to “spin” at my speed then increases the speed gently, gradually and challengingly. So very gentle…and so very powerful. Thank you Jos! 
Tom, Retail Manager 2012

The following are testimonials specific to Cheryl, one of our practitioners

Weight Loss

Thank you Cheryl, It is now almost one month since our last weight loss session and I am still so excited. I cannot believe how well it has worked. I came to you just looking for some motivation to lose weight.  I certainly got that ……. but so much more.

Because of your help, I am now feeling so confident, happy and amazingly keen to exercise.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that is not my usual style.

The weight loss is progressing very well. I have not been tempted at all to break out and find sticking to my new meal routines and portion control has become second nature.   I have no doubt what so ever that I will reach my ideal weight and stay there for the rest of my life.

I am so grateful for your professionalism and knowledge.


TRTP trauma therapy

Highly recommend Cheryl and TRTP as a therapy.

Cheryl explained the process and theories underpinning TRTP so well, which I felt greatly contributed to my outcome.

I felt so positive coming out of the process. My stress greatly reduced and with it the tension in my body.

I’m handling situations much better and I’ve set in motions things that I’ve had on the back burner for too long!

Thank you Cheryl for all your care and energy and setting me up for success.


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