Victim Anger or Protective Anger

Getting angry is normal. Anger is an Emotion. It is seem as detrimental, as something you don’t ever want to use. But the truth is, there is two kinds of anger. Victim anger is when a person has been bullied, or abused by a bigger, older or more influential person (the victims perception) and couldn’t or wouldn’t stand up for themself. The victim will scream: Thats not fair, please don’t do that to me! leave me alone etc. Protective anger is when you see someone being bullied and you step up and say: Leave him alone, get away, get back, You will have me to answer to! Its an empowering anger. We have all been there – probably in both situations. In one scenario: the person is powerless, angry and out of control. Anger is an afterthought. The ‘I should, could, would of’ wishes that haunts until resolved. In the second, the person uses protective anger – a good strong anger to take control, to push back and protect. There is true power and goodness in protective anger. This is the anger we all need in our emotional tool kit.

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The Importance of Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

Boundaries are essential to living in harmony with others. Sure, you can just go with the flow and always do what others expect and want you to do. But, sooner or later, you will rebel. Why, because when you live your life according to the values of others, there is no satisfaction. You will start to loathe yourself as your self-esteem disintegrates. Set healthy boundaries at the beginning of all relationships and hold them firm for your own mental health. True relationships are a partnership – equal in all ways.

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Speak up and be heard

Revitalise your Gut with Everyday Spices!

Are you struggling to lose weight, improve your health, or regain energy? Your gut health and bowel function may be the missing piece of the puzzle. Many individuals aged between 45 and 65 have faced challenges in achieving their health and weight goals, and one possible reason could be their colon health. Fortunately, you can revitalise your gut with these everyday spices found in your pantry.

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Revitalise your Health

Why Men’s Mental Health is Key

In Australia we have thousands of FIFO – fly in fly out – workers. Often these men and women are envied for their seemingly great lifestle. Good pay, lots of frequent flyer points, only work half the year. But there is a downside. Distance from family. Maintaining long term relationships can be stressful. Anxiety if something goes wrong at home. The long hours of solitude in a small room each night gives ‘the mind’ the opportunity to ‘mess with our heads.’ Who do you talk to when you are feeling down or something ‘happens?’ The mental health of FIFO staff is a real issue for companies. Miners need to be encouraged to keep an eye on their mates. R U OK? Your mental health matters.

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Mens Mental health matters

Anger: Protective or Victim?

Anger is an emotion. Like all emotions, anger is helpful to vent or let off steam when needed, but it must be controlled. Out-of-control anger is damaging and destructive. Victim anger takes you further down the rabbit hole. Protective anger gives you power, strength and the ability to take control. You know you have ‘got this’ when you are protecting your self or others in a clean healthy way.

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Protective anger

The Importance of Healthy Boundaries When Dealing with Bullying

Bullying is rife in our communities. Seven out of every ten high school kids in Australia have been bullied somehow. Bullying occurs in the home, in schools (by teachers and other students); in the workplace. I am sure you can think of other places or scenarios. Setting firm, healthy boundaries while being clear on what you will and will not tolerate is essential. It is essential to maintain the respect for others’ boundaries as you maintain a strong sense of who you are.

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Boundaries are the limits you set. Be clear on what you tolerate

The Richards Trauma Process

TRTP is a unique, therapy created out of the need for an amazing lady to get well. Judith Richards had ‘lost her mind’ as a result of severe domestic violence abuse. She wanted it back. It took years of investigation, trial and error. But eventually out of the murkiness arose TRTP. TRTP is different. It is quick. There is evidence-based evidence building of its success. It’s not for everyone, there is no one therapy that is perfect for everyone. But, TRTP works for the majority. And, unfortunately, almost all of us, have some unconscious beliefs, or an highly emotive event, that is holding us back. For more info: Call 1300645354

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The Richards Trauma Process

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