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Seeing Yourself as Yourself

One of the hardest things to achieve is to see Yourself as Yourself. It is normal human behaviour to look over the fence and think someone else has a life better than ours. But in reality that is not true. Our values determine who we are, the decisions that we make, our choices, our lifestyle. When we start trying to please others, copy others or do what others expect us to do, we lose our identity. This is when we start to live according to the values of others. We do things to please them. We say yes to them and NO to ourselves. We live their life, achieve their dreams and forget who we really are. Your life is yours to live. Never stop seeing yourself as Yourself. Be true to you.

Seeing yourself as yourself

Live Your Life on Purpose

Humans have been searching for the meaning of life for millennia. While there isn’t a universal answer, it’s possible to find meaning in your own life. It is a complete waste of human potential for a life to go ‘unlived!’ Everyone is a genuis in some area of their life – find your genuis and share it with the world.

live your life on purpose

Take Control of Your Finances

Money flows to where it is most managed! If you lose control of your finances, you lose control of your life! Managing your Money is not savings, skrimping and starving yourself and your family! It is about building habits that give you long term choices. Manage your money. Make it work for you. If you don’t know how to do this, ask an expert for help. Most people want to be financially free, but most never take the time to put a plan in place to manage their income and expenses. To be financially free you must take control of your finances, which means lowering your spending and increasing your savings and investments.

Control your finances

Do You Need to Set Boundaries?

Boundaries are the rules or limits that you set to let other people know what you will tolerate. Many ‘people pleasers’ forget to do this. Before you say yes or agree to anyone else’s wishes or demands, make sure you are not saying yes to them and NO to Yourself! When you are forever doing what others want, you are living their lives not yours! Be Yourself – everyone else is already taken!

Boundaries are the limits you set

Just Make A Decision

How many opportunities have you let slip by because you couldn’t just make a decision? Life is about taking a chance. Nothing is guaranteed and if we don’t take a risk or two, learn to trust our gut and make quick decisions we will find life begins to pass us by. Practice making decisions quickly daily with small choices, then progress to larger ones. Always do your due diligence when appropriate.

Make decisions quickly

Create a Wealth Mindset

Becoming is more about How you Think than how much you earn. It’s what you do with your earnings that is important. Do you have a savings or a spending mentality? If you were given a windfall $2000 what would you do with it? Go shopping? Pay off some bills? Deposit into your mortgage or invest it? Of course, if you are born into a wealthy family, it can fast track your success, but not always! Winning lotto is not the answer either. Statistically, people who win $1 million or more in Lotto have lost it all within 5 years! Mindset is the key! You need to create a wealth mindset and belief you can be wealthy before money and assets ever start to accumulate in your accounts.

Believe in Yourself

Habits Run Our Lives

Our habits, both good and bad, control what we do, and often how we do it. These habits have been formed from years of repetitively doing the same thing every day, in the same way, usually at the same time. Try cleaning your teeth with your non-dominant hand to see how ‘programmed’ we have all become. Our phone habits, computer habits are now dictating how we even wake in the morning. Think about it, what habits are controlling your life? Is it time to change a few?

New habits take time to build

What’s a Wrong Decision?

Failing to decide is equal to deciding to fail. Every day we are presented with choices: what to eat, to wear, to do; these are very basics. More important choices pop up unexpectedly, getting into the habit or being comfortable to make a snap decision (based on previous experiences) is an art and practice is the way to perfect it. Practice making quick decisions. Every decision can be corrected by another. Write down the pros and cons of life-changing decisions – anaylsis against your desired outcome. If it fits, go with it. Keep moving to get more out of life.

Make a decision stop procrastinating

Gender is on a Spectrum

It is the little things that matter when you are ‘different!’ Whether it is because you are a bit quirky, overweight, loud, or simply born a little physically or mentally different – all you really want to be is accepted, respected and treated like everyone else. Its time for humanity to step up! Its time for everyone to be ‘respected!’

Do You Value Money?

Values dictate your results. What you prioritise in your life is neither right nor wrong, it is simply something that you put a high value on attaining. You may be an avid saver or a shopaholic. A Mum passionate about her children and family or a career person – Values are individual. It is when life is ‘not working for you’ you feel stuck or constantly procrastinating, that you need to gain direction. A Values Determination will show you exactly why you are feeling so demotivated. When your Values are aligned with your daily life/career life simply flows from one success to another.

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