Anger Management

What is TRTP?

Do you feel down, listless, can’t seem to get motivated? You know there’s something wrong, but you can’t figure out what it is! You get angry over small stuff! You cry for no reason! Then, there are the excessive behaviours! What is it for you? Is it emotional eating, excessive drinking, gambling or addiction to gaming … there will be something! Something you need to ‘fill the gap’ to block the feelings or stop you thinking. When you are suffering from long term anxiety, trauma, PTSD you never feel safe, you are always on alert! That is where TRTP™ is so successful. Do you want your life back?

TRTP resolves trauma in the mind and body

Anger. What is it?

Anger gets such a bad rap! It’s described as negative, unproductive and you are a ‘bad’ person if you revert to anger to solve a problem. This is hog-wash! Anger encompasses everything from a mild irritation to intense rage and it is only when it gets out of control and intensely physical is anger dangerous to you and those around you. Releasing anger is good for you. We all need to ‘blow off steam’ when things build up. Anger is our way to deal with injustice, violation of our rights, protection of our young and loved ones. Anger is an emotion, neither good nor bad.

Protective anger

Tips for Managing Anger

Anger is wasted energy and is never the answer to a problem. However, bottling up your anger is also not a good idea. When you feel yourself getting angry, try to change your state! What do I mean? It is physically impossible to laugh and be angry! You cannot smile and frown at the same time. So when you start to get angry, do something stupid on purpose. Not dumb, stupid. Something that will make you and others laugh. Break the tension, break the moment. Take the opportunity to get another perspective.

The Anger Within

Everyone experiences anger at some time! Most like to think we don’t hold on to it! The reality is, we do. Pent up anger or anger that has been squashed down will fester and ‘bubble’ eating us away from within! Eventually, you will explode in a fit of black anger, spewing over others (usually the wrong people). A better way is to address the cause. TRTP – The Richards Trauma Process is the therapy we recommend.

Are you suffering from PTSD

PTSD, it is a silent killer! When you are suffering from PTSD you lose control of your world! Do any of these resonate: violent or dramatic flashbacks, easily angered, survivors guilt, constantly hyper-vigilant? Now is the time to take back control. The Richards Trauma Process can change your life.

Breaking Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a plague that is affecting every part of our society. Our children are fed violence daily through TV, Movies, video games and even cartoons! 1 in 4 families are suffering violent outbursts regularly. Financial hardship, stress and prolonged anxiety is feeding this epidenic. Now is the time to ‘Stop the Cycle of Violence!”

Trauma: Set Yourself Free and Live!

Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety or Depression are the result of emotional events that have happened in the past, that remain unresolved or “unprocessed” by our Mind. These events start to loop like a video on “auto replay” and can be triggered to start playing by an event, a thought or even a small or a taste. It …

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