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Coping with Stressful Changes in Your Life

Change is inevitable. Just like taxes and death, it is sure to happen. So, choose to embrace the challenge and see it as an opportunity to do things differently. Whether its a job loss, a pandemic, moving house, or a child leaving home that is taking you out of your comfort zone, choose to see the change as a positive. What can you do now? Perhaps you always wanted to start a business? Trade online? Volunteer? Explore a new area or meet different people. Every change has hidden possibilities. Find them. Focus on the benefits not the negatives to live a stress free life.

New Mindset gets different results

Financial Habits that Will Help You

When I was 10 years old I was given a priceless formula for success. With every $$$ you earn, make it work for you. One third to save. One third for daily expenses (rent/food/clothes etc). One third to spend/donate/share. Always have an emergency fund. Never spend more than you earn.
This principle was never about wealth building – although it is the fastest way to financial freedom. It was all about having choices. I have never met a millionaire who lives to ‘make money!’ They make plan to make money but it is not for the having of money, it is to enable them to do what they wish to do without hinderance.,
This might be gifting; travel; research; donations to charities, sponserships, to create a legacy. It is never to have a huge balance in a bank account.
The wealthy know the secret to wealth creation: Gifting and gratitude.
The first step for you to take is: build healthy, financial habits. Start with learning to save. Eliminate unnecessary spending. Have a budget and live by it. Put that money you currently spend on lotto into your savings account instead.

Business is about service, the more service you give, the more income you make.

Live Your Life on Purpose

Humans have been searching for the meaning of life for millennia. While there isn’t a universal answer, it’s possible to find meaning in your own life. It is a complete waste of human potential for a life to go ‘unlived!’ Everyone is a genuis in some area of their life – find your genuis and share it with the world.

live your life on purpose

Do You Have a Plan for Your Life?

Do you plan to succeed? Most people spend more time planning their next holiday than they do setting out an itinerary to guide them to achieve the lifestyle they want to live when they retire. Most of us are ‘kids’ for 20 years, we work for 40 years, then we retire for 20 to 30 years! Your last years: you have time, money, less responsibility: how do you want to live? Health, wealth and location! What’s your dream?

Believe in Yourself

What Women Need to Know Before Starting a Business

Every business you recognise when you see their Logo, started as a small idea, probably in someone’s garage or study. Every overnight success is the result of years of hard work, failures, successes, disappointments and unrelenting belief and commitment to turning up every day. The secret of success is perseverance. Commit to your dream. Ask for help and guidance. Mix only with believers and supporters. Find a mentor and start. Take the first step and keep going.

Speak loud and be heard

The Secret to Exercising When You Feel Depressed

Exercise is stimulation and ‘food for your mind!’ We are designed to move. Designed to think, to find solutions and to contribute. When we have depression, our mind struggles to do the smallest task. Research has proven the first step to recovery is to start to move. Any exercise is a good exercise. Get up off the sofa. Walk around the kitchen, then around the house, or to the letterbox. Take baby steps every day. Build your way back to health – one step at a time! As you can add in more strenuous things like weights, aerobics, boxing, pilates…. anything will do to get the blood moving in your Mind and Body. Take your first step today.

mental health fears

Diagnosed With Cancer

Cancer is a personal journey that starts with a cancer diagnosis. It is a harsh interruption to your life. Most often unexpected but always scary and brings with it a bag of mixed emotions. There are 5 stages that you will go through. Ask for help. Share with a friend. Every journey is personal and unique, and support helps you through.

International Womens Day

We Are Australians

I am, You are, We all are Australians. We may have different backgrounds, may eat different foods. Perhaps we even pray to a different God, or in a different way. It doesn’t really matter. We all are Australians. Every culture adds to the ‘melting pot’ that is Australia. We recognise all the ‘imported cultures!’ NOW, is the time to sit down and really listen to what our First Nations People – our original culture want / need to be happy and content in their own country – on their land. Time for change is now. New flag, New anthem, new attitudes.

You Me We are all Australians

Take Control of Your Finances

Money flows to where it is most managed! If you lose control of your finances, you lose control of your life! Managing your Money is not savings, skrimping and starving yourself and your family! It is about building habits that give you long term choices. Manage your money. Make it work for you. If you don’t know how to do this, ask an expert for help. Most people want to be financially free, but most never take the time to put a plan in place to manage their income and expenses. To be financially free you must take control of your finances, which means lowering your spending and increasing your savings and investments.

Control your finances

How to Stop Procrastinating

Whenever you are using the words should, must, have to, could, need to realise you are procrastinating! You have a low value on doing the task or achieving the end result. When you have a high value on a result you do not need to be motivated. You will never procrastinate as you will be inspired from within.

how do you stop procrastinating

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