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Prevent Overeating by Enjoying Food

Overeating is a national problem. In 2018 two out of three or 67% of Australian adults – that’s 12.5 Million adults – and 24% of our children were overweight. Something has to change!
Gastric Sleeve Surgeries have double in recent years and in reality all that does is ‘stop you over-eating!’ So isn’t it time to stop dieting and overeating.
Focusing on the critical drivers of eating – What, When, Why, How, and How Much we eat is essential to change our bad eating habits.
There are three drivers to overeating – what we eat; why we are eating? And how much we eat each day. Our health and weight will not change until we change our relationship to eating and take back control of our nutrition.

To reduce weight you must eat less but more of the right food.

Cultivating Curiousity

One of the most enjoyable activities an adult can do is go walking with a 2 or 3 year old. How amazing the world is in their eyes! There is adventure around every corner. So much to look at, to smell, to taste, to experience. Yes, some things are scary, some hot, some way too cold. But everything is new, fresh and exciting. Isn’t it time to bring back that natural curiosity into your life and world? You can quite easily. Just start looking with an open mind and ask: How, Why, and what more often!

curious kids looking at the world

Alcohol and Anxiety Don’t Mix

Australian culture has developed with alcohol being ‘the’ drink for happy, social, in fact, every occasion. But the truth is, alcohol coupled with loneliness, anxiety, stress, fear is a cocktail made in hell. Alcohol and anxiety do not mix. Yes sure, we have all seen the ‘happy drunk!’ But, more often, alcohol fuels the worst in people. Alcohol may numb your mind, but when you wake up the regret can last a lifetime.

Overcome Emotional Overeating

Do you find yourself reaching for a snack whenever you feel: bored, stressed, angry, sad or just need to fill in some time? Emotional eating is one of the major reasons people struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Fact is, most of us were taught to overeat, eat to please others or simply to eat when we needed comfort at a very early age. We no longer wait for our stomach to let us know it’s time to eat, we just eat. Eating is so much a part of our society. If you know you eat when you are already full, maybe its time to start listening to the signals your body is sending you and change your eating habits.

eat healthy small meals to make big changes in your health

Just Make A Decision

How many opportunities have you let slip by because you couldn’t just make a decision? Life is about taking a chance. Nothing is guaranteed and if we don’t take a risk or two, learn to trust our gut and make quick decisions we will find life begins to pass us by. Practice making decisions quickly daily with small choices, then progress to larger ones. Always do your due diligence when appropriate.

Make decisions quickly

Suicide Warning Signs

Depression, anxiety and mental health challenges are the silent killers in our cities. Who would imagine that 65,000 of our fellow citizens would feel that life was so bad they would seriously contemplate suicide. What does that say about us as a society? Never before have we been so connected and yet so lonely and isolated. The internet and social media has brought people – ‘friends’ into our lounges, our bedrooms … into our lives. However, instead of making us feel closer, all it does is emphasise how different we all are. This difference is altering the way we look at ourselves. And the more we look ‘at others,’ the more dis-satisfied we become with ourselves and our lives. Suicide is a major problem. Look our for your mates, your family, your work colleagues. Most of us are going to know (or already do know) someone who has decided it is all too much and take their own life. This is never okay. Speak up. Please ask for help if you feel down, lonely, or overwhelmed.

Speak up and be heard


Volunteering is a way to help others while reaping huge (unexpected) rewards for yourself. Sharing a ‘cuppa’ with a stranger or helping out a bush fire victim are just a couple of ways you can help. Meals on Wheels, Salvo’s and Smith Family all love getting a helping hand. But, there is lots of other ways you can help. Look around your neighbourhood for ways you can add value to another persons day. Even a smile, will bring joy to your heart as well as everyone you share it with. Read more to find out how you can help yourself by helping others!

gift your time to others

Create a Wealth Mindset

Becoming is more about How you Think than how much you earn. It’s what you do with your earnings that is important. Do you have a savings or a spending mentality? If you were given a windfall $2000 what would you do with it? Go shopping? Pay off some bills? Deposit into your mortgage or invest it? Of course, if you are born into a wealthy family, it can fast track your success, but not always! Winning lotto is not the answer either. Statistically, people who win $1 million or more in Lotto have lost it all within 5 years! Mindset is the key! You need to create a wealth mindset and belief you can be wealthy before money and assets ever start to accumulate in your accounts.

Believe in Yourself

5 Tips to Conquer Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is debilitating and holds many people ‘prisoners’ of their own imagination. This type of anxiety usually starts with shyness, but is almost always increased by ‘well-intentioned’ prompting by others. “Don’t be silly… theres nothing to worry about!” (And of course, something happens!) There could be trauma, bullying or mocking memories but ultimately it is our own ‘imagining’ disasters happening that keep us frozen. Life is for living. Here are some tips and hints to help you overcome your fears and start interacting with others.

I love social interaction

Gender is on a Spectrum

It is the little things that matter when you are ‘different!’ Whether it is because you are a bit quirky, overweight, loud, or simply born a little physically or mentally different – all you really want to be is accepted, respected and treated like everyone else. Its time for humanity to step up! Its time for everyone to be ‘respected!’

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