Overcome Emotional Overeating

Do you find yourself reaching for a snack whenever you feel: bored, stressed, angry, sad or just need to fill in some time? Emotional eating is one of the major reasons people struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Fact is, most of us were taught to overeat, eat to please others or simply to eat when we needed comfort at a very early age. We no longer wait for our stomach to let us know it’s time to eat, we just eat. Eating is so much a part of our society. If you know you eat when you are already full, maybe its time to start listening to the signals your body is sending you and change your eating habits.

eat healthy small meals to make big changes in your health

Hypnosis and main stream medicine

Saw this article and had to put it on my website. There is a place for hypnosis in mainstream medicine but because there are no scientific studies it is not accepted. Just because it is not scientifically proved doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. In the large burns unit of the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) …

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Can’t Remember!

When people have serious trauma or stress in their lives they often can’t remember or the memory is disjointed and appears as flashbacks. Often when someone is asked to remember or talk about a truly serious traumatic or stressful event they can’t remember. This is part of the defence system of the brain. If you …

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