Are You Spending Christmas Alone?

Christmas and holiday times can be the loneliness times for people. It is a fact that suicide rates increase. Think about spending time by yourself on Christmas Day? No family, no friends – just you and your thoughts! Very scary for most of us, but some people it is their life’s reality. Do your bit, take the time to make someone feel special! Let them know you care! It’s all well and good saving the planet, but we need to have people to enjoy it. Everyone, no exceptions deserves to be made feel special, to know someone cares about them at Christmas. That is the essence of Christmas! Let’s make a difference this year!

5 Signs of True Friendship

People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you have a genuine friend, you are wealthy beyond words. Friends are precious! Treat them with care and respect. Be the best friend you can be to the people you know, love and respect. Having a true friend is better than all the anxiety medications in the world.

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