The Secret to Exercising When You Feel Depressed

Exercise is stimulation and ‘food for your mind!’ We are designed to move. Designed to think, to find solutions and to contribute. When we have depression, our mind struggles to do the smallest task. Research has proven the first step to recovery is to start to move. Any exercise is a good exercise. Get up off the sofa. Walk around the kitchen, then around the house, or to the letterbox. Take baby steps every day. Build your way back to health – one step at a time! As you can add in more strenuous things like weights, aerobics, boxing, pilates…. anything will do to get the blood moving in your Mind and Body. Take your first step today.

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Diagnosed With Cancer

Cancer is a personal journey that starts with a cancer diagnosis. It is a harsh interruption to your life. Most often unexpected but always scary and brings with it a bag of mixed emotions. There are 5 stages that you will go through. Ask for help. Share with a friend. Every journey is personal and unique, and support helps you through.

International Womens Day

Cultivating Curiousity

One of the most enjoyable activities an adult can do is go walking with a 2 or 3 year old. How amazing the world is in their eyes! There is adventure around every corner. So much to look at, to smell, to taste, to experience. Yes, some things are scary, some hot, some way too cold. But everything is new, fresh and exciting. Isn’t it time to bring back that natural curiosity into your life and world? You can quite easily. Just start looking with an open mind and ask: How, Why, and what more often!

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Suicide Warning Signs

Depression, anxiety and mental health challenges are the silent killers in our cities. Who would imagine that 65,000 of our fellow citizens would feel that life was so bad they would seriously contemplate suicide. What does that say about us as a society? Never before have we been so connected and yet so lonely and isolated. The internet and social media has brought people – ‘friends’ into our lounges, our bedrooms … into our lives. However, instead of making us feel closer, all it does is emphasise how different we all are. This difference is altering the way we look at ourselves. And the more we look ‘at others,’ the more dis-satisfied we become with ourselves and our lives. Suicide is a major problem. Look our for your mates, your family, your work colleagues. Most of us are going to know (or already do know) someone who has decided it is all too much and take their own life. This is never okay. Speak up. Please ask for help if you feel down, lonely, or overwhelmed.

Speak up and be heard


Volunteering is a way to help others while reaping huge (unexpected) rewards for yourself. Sharing a ‘cuppa’ with a stranger or helping out a bush fire victim are just a couple of ways you can help. Meals on Wheels, Salvo’s and Smith Family all love getting a helping hand. But, there is lots of other ways you can help. Look around your neighbourhood for ways you can add value to another persons day. Even a smile, will bring joy to your heart as well as everyone you share it with. Read more to find out how you can help yourself by helping others!

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Dr Gabor Mate and Addiction

Addictions come in all shapes and sizes and can affect anyone. When you ‘can’t’ not do something, its a clue! Most of us associate addictions with anti-social behaviours, such as smoking, drugging, drinking, gambling etc and yes these are definitely high risk, highly publicised addictive behaviours. But addictions affect people in other areas. There is the person who overeats at each meal – sugar/fat/takeaways are addictive. Some people become addicted to work – work-a-holics! Others to gaming, a huge problem that has grown during Covid Lockdowns. People may become addicted to their health, to going to the gym, playing sport, walking, being busy! Anything that fills ‘the gap!’
So, what is underneath addictions: Very simply Pain! No matter what behaviour the person uses, it is to hide or run away from the pain they don’t want to feel.

Going Green Eco-Investing

Eco-investing is the new buzzword in financial circles. But buyer beware. Do your due dilligence as, like always, there are good and not-so-good ways to invest your money. Always keep in mind, there are more ways to support your environment than investing in development. The better the deal seems, the deeper one should investigate. Planting tree, living environmentally friendly will impact your environment every day, it is a safer option for most of us.

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5 Ways to Reduce Mental Stress

Is the Joy of Life being sucked out of you? Do you become ‘consumed’ by the troubles of others? Our mental health and wellbeing is vital to living a joy filled life. When an environment becomes toxic, and you cannot change it, its time to leave. Your physical health will deteriorate if you succumb to mental stress.

sucked dry emotionally = Mental stress

Laugh Yourself to Success

Paste a smile on your face every morning.  A smile is contagious.  Spread it far and wide wherever you go.  Make a person laugh, giggle or crack a grin….. it is the best gift you can give and it’s free.   Share your smile every day.  

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