Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

The lifelong question: Who am I? and Why am I here? What am I supposed to achieve? How will I know if I am going in the right direction? These questions are asked by almost every human being. WE all want to know, that we made a difference. That our life was not wasted, or in vain! What is the bigger picture for me? There has to be a reason, doesn’t there?


Seeing Yourself as Yourself

One of the hardest things to achieve is to see Yourself as Yourself. It is normal human behaviour to look over the fence and think someone else has a life better than ours. But in reality that is not true. Our values determine who we are, the decisions that we make, our choices, our lifestyle. When we start trying to please others, copy others or do what others expect us to do, we lose our identity. This is when we start to live according to the values of others. We do things to please them. We say yes to them and NO to ourselves. We live their life, achieve their dreams and forget who we really are. Your life is yours to live. Never stop seeing yourself as Yourself. Be true to you.

Seeing yourself as yourself

Live Your Life on Purpose

Humans have been searching for the meaning of life for millennia. While there isn’t a universal answer, it’s possible to find meaning in your own life. It is a complete waste of human potential for a life to go ‘unlived!’ Everyone is a genuis in some area of their life – find your genuis and share it with the world.

live your life on purpose

Do You Have a Plan for Your Life?

Do you plan to succeed? Most people spend more time planning their next holiday than they do setting out an itinerary to guide them to achieve the lifestyle they want to live when they retire. Most of us are ‘kids’ for 20 years, we work for 40 years, then we retire for 20 to 30 years! Your last years: you have time, money, less responsibility: how do you want to live? Health, wealth and location! What’s your dream?

Believe in Yourself

How to Stop Procrastinating

Whenever you are using the words should, must, have to, could, need to realise you are procrastinating! You have a low value on doing the task or achieving the end result. When you have a high value on a result you do not need to be motivated. You will never procrastinate as you will be inspired from within.

how do you stop procrastinating

Cultivating Curiousity

One of the most enjoyable activities an adult can do is go walking with a 2 or 3 year old. How amazing the world is in their eyes! There is adventure around every corner. So much to look at, to smell, to taste, to experience. Yes, some things are scary, some hot, some way too cold. But everything is new, fresh and exciting. Isn’t it time to bring back that natural curiosity into your life and world? You can quite easily. Just start looking with an open mind and ask: How, Why, and what more often!

curious kids looking at the world


Volunteering is a way to help others while reaping huge (unexpected) rewards for yourself. Sharing a ‘cuppa’ with a stranger or helping out a bush fire victim are just a couple of ways you can help. Meals on Wheels, Salvo’s and Smith Family all love getting a helping hand. But, there is lots of other ways you can help. Look around your neighbourhood for ways you can add value to another persons day. Even a smile, will bring joy to your heart as well as everyone you share it with. Read more to find out how you can help yourself by helping others!

gift your time to others

Create a Wealth Mindset

Becoming is more about How you Think than how much you earn. It’s what you do with your earnings that is important. Do you have a savings or a spending mentality? If you were given a windfall $2000 what would you do with it? Go shopping? Pay off some bills? Deposit into your mortgage or invest it? Of course, if you are born into a wealthy family, it can fast track your success, but not always! Winning lotto is not the answer either. Statistically, people who win $1 million or more in Lotto have lost it all within 5 years! Mindset is the key! You need to create a wealth mindset and belief you can be wealthy before money and assets ever start to accumulate in your accounts.

Believe in Yourself

What’s a Wrong Decision?

Failing to decide is equal to deciding to fail. Every day we are presented with choices: what to eat, to wear, to do; these are very basics. More important choices pop up unexpectedly, getting into the habit or being comfortable to make a snap decision (based on previous experiences) is an art and practice is the way to perfect it. Practice making quick decisions. Every decision can be corrected by another. Write down the pros and cons of life-changing decisions – anaylsis against your desired outcome. If it fits, go with it. Keep moving to get more out of life.

Make a decision stop procrastinating

It’s not safe to be successful

Values! The ‘fire in the belly’ that drives every decision that we make. Often Values are confused with social dictum such as honesty, respect, family, trust etc. But values are different! Values are voids we perceive in our lives that we ‘chase’ to forfill. Values change dependant on circumstances. Health is a great example. A workaholic may be driven by (say) ‘recognition’ there is no time for exercise, relaxing … his/her focus is on what the job fulfills. Then, a health scare! Suddenly, values change – nutrition, exercise, health are top values – the job takes second place. When ‘health’ is missing, we will do everything to fill the void. Book a session and find out what is really driving you!

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