Are You Spending Christmas Alone?

Christmas and holiday times can be the loneliness times for people. It is a fact that suicide rates increase. Think about spending time by yourself on Christmas Day? No family, no friends – just you and your thoughts! Very scary for most of us, but some people it is their life’s reality. Do your bit, take the time to make someone feel special! Let them know you care! It’s all well and good saving the planet, but we need to have people to enjoy it. Everyone, no exceptions deserves to be made feel special, to know someone cares about them at Christmas. That is the essence of Christmas! Let’s make a difference this year!


Volunteering is a way to help others while reaping huge (unexpected) rewards for yourself. Sharing a ‘cuppa’ with a stranger or helping out a bush fire victim are just a couple of ways you can help. Meals on Wheels, Salvo’s and Smith Family all love getting a helping hand. But, there is lots of other ways you can help. Look around your neighbourhood for ways you can add value to another persons day. Even a smile, will bring joy to your heart as well as everyone you share it with. Read more to find out how you can help yourself by helping others!

gift your time to others

The bright side of Covid-19

Covid-19 has unexpected benefits to health and family life, that most of us didn’t expect. Parents have more time to share with children, more time to exercise, extra cash (if you are working from home). Families are enjoying home-cooked meals and less ‘time stress’. Yes there are downside, but lets focus on the benefits from a moment.


Trauma can be physical or invisible! Physical trauma is seen, accepted and sympathised! Mental Trauma is the ‘invisible trauma’ often diagnosed as long term stress, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress(PTSD).  Mental Health trauma is a silent robber of the ‘Joy of Living’ and it can affect anyone.  It is invisible! Never forget to ask: R U OK?

Where Are You Going?

You live your life ‘on purpose.’  Or Do you just live each day as it come?  When you are ‘winging’ each day, just going where the day takes you – You are living someone else’s dreams.  You will live your life feeling frustrated and unfulfilled!  Plan to Live Life on Purpose. You can have an extraordinary Life!

Overcome Emotional Eating in 4 Easy Steps

If I told you that is possible to overcome emotional eating in 4 easy steps, would you believe me?  Possibly!  But more likely you were not aware that ’emotional eating’ is the reason that you are struggling to maintain a healthy weight.  So let me ask you: Do you feel like you have a never-ending …

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Resist the pressures of society

Christmas and the holidays can be a time of great joy and connecting with family but it is also a time of loneliness, stress, anxiety and depression. In the months before the ‘Annual Celebration’ arrives we are bombarded by advertising that shows how to enjoy the perfect Christmas day.  Beautiful presents, wholesome food, the table …

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