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7 Foods to Avoid

There are a lot of foods to avoid, here is a list of the 7 worst offenders. Avoid low-fat foods – often when the fat is removed, sugar is added. Avoid high sugar and high foods. Carbs are just sugar by another name. Sugar is addictive. In fact, it is the most addictive substance on earth. Eat small portions and stick to natural foods. Avoid these foods and your health and weight will thank you.

Overcome Emotional Eating in 4 Easy Steps

If I told you that is possible to overcome emotional eating in 4 easy steps, would you believe me?  Possibly!  But more likely you were not aware that ’emotional eating’ is the reason that you are struggling to maintain a healthy weight.  So let me ask you: Do you feel like you have a never-ending …

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Lose weight fast

So you want to lose weight fast. Doesn’t everyone! Reducing your weight comes down to three things. What you eat! How Much you eat! and WHY you eat it! We all know what to do. We know what foods are healthy and what aren’t, the trouble is we aren’t doing what we know! Most people overeat! Why? Enquire about the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis. Weight loss made easy!

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