7 Foods to Avoid

Why is it that all the foods we get addicted to are on the ‘foods to avoid’ list?  It seems everything that tastes good, is bad for you.

There are three categories of food.  Good healthy foods. Bad, unhealthy food, and those foods that sit in the middle that are neutral unless you eat too much of them.

Within the bad’ foods, there are some foods that are really bad for your health and they will do real damage, even in small quantities. It’s true that everything is okay in moderation, but you’ll be doing your body a favor by keeping the worst food to a minimum.

For each of the really unhealthy foods, there are healthy food alternatives that you can introduce into your diet that, surprisingly, you will actually enjoy. If you do miss some of the offending foods, save them for special occasions and, treats and indulge in some new healthier foods.

Here is a list of 7 Foods to Avoid

French Fries.

French fries, or chips as we call them in Australia, are everywhere. Some fast-food places are now offering alternatives to French fries, for the most part they are served as a standard. Potatoes can be healthy when cooked in certain ways, but you should avoid deep-fried potatoes. If you enjoy potatoes, consider eating a baked potato or mashed potatoes. Perhaps start to substitute sweet potatoes as they are packed with rich vitamins and fiber.


Donuts can be delicious treats, but the calories and fat content add up quickly. While it’s fine to have one for a treat, most people end Foods to avoidup eating more than they should. If you are looking for a good alternative to this popular morning treat, consider a plain whole grain bagel and some fresh fruit. You can also try banana, pumpkin, or zucchini bread.

Ice Cream.

Ice cream is a popular way to end your evening meal. But this is definitely a treat for special occasions only. The fat content is high, and bedtime is the worst time of day to eat high calorie foods. The good news is that there are some healthy treats like ice cream that you can enjoy instead. Try some yoghurt or alternatives like Italian Ice or Tofutti.

Fruit Smoothies.

Fruit smoothies make the worst offender list because they are imposters. Smoothies are a health food in disguise. Yes, they are made of fresh fruit, but there are ice cream, cream, and other sugar-based ingredients that will destroy your waistline. Smoothies are deliberately large sizes and are foods to avoid. This means that one smoothie may account for all of your calorie allowance for the day. By making your own smoothies with lower calorie fruits or opting for smaller portions you can eliminate this problem.


Pies are high in carbs and fat and often sugar.  Whether you eat a meat pie for lunch or a sweet pie for dessert, they are not good for the waistline, or for your health.  Fruit pies in particular are a dessert item that is best left for a special occasion. They are packed with extra sugar and, often, large amounts of trans fat. One slice of pecan pie has 500 + calories and over 2100 kilojoules. You can lower the calories in pies by using more fruit and halving the amount of sugar. The healthy choice is to avoid extras like cream or ice cream.


Chocolate is a tough one to give up! It tastes great and can even make you feel better. However, it is high in calories and fat and, therefore, should be eliminated. If you must have chocolate, choose 100% dark chocolate, and eat only in small quantities because it does have some health benefits (like antioxidants).


While margarine was once advertised as a healthy alternative to butter, it actually isn’t good for you. Margarine does not contain cholesterol, but most cheaper varieties contain trans fatty acids. Trans fats solidify and block arteries over time. In some European countries trans fats are banned. More health risks are being discovered and associated with consuming trans fats, so they are best avoided altogether. Your best bet is to use smaller quantities of butter when necessary or opt for margarine that is labeled as trans-fat free.

Low-Fat Alternatives

You will find that most ‘unhealthy foods’ have healthier alternatives. While they may not taste as good to you at first, it is better for you and your health in the long run.

When you are checking labels on foods, don’t get ‘hung up’ on the fat content.  The real enemy of good health is sugar, not fat.  Watch those low-fat alternatives and ensure they have not had sugar added when the fat has been reduced.  Check the ‘carb’ and ‘sugars’ in all foods as these are very addictive and are always in the foods to avoid.

Keep in mind that you can indulge yourself every once in a while, but control is key.

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