Excessive Drinking

Alcohol and Anxiety Don’t Mix

Australian culture has developed with alcohol being ‘the’ drink for happy, social, in fact, every occasion. But the truth is, alcohol coupled with loneliness, anxiety, stress, fear is a cocktail made in hell. Alcohol and anxiety do not mix. Yes sure, we have all seen the ‘happy drunk!’ But, more often, alcohol fuels the worst in people. Alcohol may numb your mind, but when you wake up the regret can last a lifetime.

How to easily stop drinking too much alcohol

Do You need to stop drinking? Alcohol abuse is a major problem. Most of us start with drinking to calm down, to feel relaxed and be able to enjoy ourselves. Maybe, you just stop worrying about what ‘other people think?’ Underlying the drinking there is always a reason! That reason is often connected to unresolved issues that happened in your childhood! Resolve the issues and stopping drinking becomes easier.

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