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Empty Nest Syndrome

How do you start to put ‘You’ first after 20 years of putting the kids first? We all long for the day the kids leave home and then they do! What to do now? We have time, more money, and can’t think of what to do. Sounds familiar? Then you are suffering from empty nest syndrome. For Mums it can be very stressful: suddenly you are feeling you have passed your Use By Date! You spend 16 hrs a day ‘doing’ for your kids and then they don’t need or want your help. Now its time for you, but you have forgotten what you want to do. My e-book might give you some ideas.

Breathing Strategies to Manage Anxiety

Our breathing is a reflection of what is happening inside emotionally. It is impossible to breathe slowly while maintaining anger! It is impossible to breathe rapidly whilst meditating or trying to relax. Only one emotion can be dominant at any one time. So, if you are anxious or having a panic attack, your breath will be shot, rapid gasps… slow it down! Deep breathes, long exhales. Just 2 or 3 will quickly change your state, slow your breathing and allow you to become calmer, more balanced. Just focusing on your breathing. Try it for yourself.

Breathing strategies to help anxiety

Are You Spending Christmas Alone?

Christmas and holiday times can be the loneliness times for people. It is a fact that suicide rates increase. Think about spending time by yourself on Christmas Day? No family, no friends – just you and your thoughts! Very scary for most of us, but some people it is their life’s reality. Do your bit, take the time to make someone feel special! Let them know you care! It’s all well and good saving the planet, but we need to have people to enjoy it. Everyone, no exceptions deserves to be made feel special, to know someone cares about them at Christmas. That is the essence of Christmas! Let’s make a difference this year!

Do You Need to Set Boundaries?

Boundaries are the rules or limits that you set to let other people know what you will tolerate. Many ‘people pleasers’ forget to do this. Before you say yes or agree to anyone else’s wishes or demands, make sure you are not saying yes to them and NO to Yourself! When you are forever doing what others want, you are living their lives not yours! Be Yourself – everyone else is already taken!

Boundaries are the limits you set

What is TRTP?

Do you feel down, listless, can’t seem to get motivated? You know there’s something wrong, but you can’t figure out what it is! You get angry over small stuff! You cry for no reason! Then, there are the excessive behaviours! What is it for you? Is it emotional eating, excessive drinking, gambling or addiction to gaming … there will be something! Something you need to ‘fill the gap’ to block the feelings or stop you thinking. When you are suffering from long term anxiety, trauma, PTSD you never feel safe, you are always on alert! That is where TRTP™ is so successful. Do you want your life back?

TRTP resolves trauma in the mind and body

Life Changes Rapidly

Past events not properly processed by the mind become just like ‘ground-hog day’ re-running at the least provocation. Science has discovered most, if not all pro-longed anxiety and stress, PTSD stems from past unresolved emotional events.

I can't choose

I Can’t Think

Have you ever been so shocked, so overwhelmed or so afraid that your brain freezes! You can’t think! You mind seems addled, and even the simplest task or question confuses you! You are not alone! It is the ‘job’ of our Unconscious Mind to keep us safe! When we are faced with something so horrible, or so confusing that we cannot rationalise, our conscious mind (where we think) shuts down. We verbalise this by saying: ‘I feel like I am walking through treacle or mud.’ It’s as if time stands still. And often we feel detached – like watching a movie – it can’t be real, can it! I can’t think, is the only way to describe this feeling.

I worry so much I cannot think clearly

What is Hypnosis?

You think ‘consciously.’ All your self-talk, acceptance, rejections, intellect, free will and your decisions, are all made consciously. But, the real power house of your thoughts is your sub-conscious Mind! Every bit of everything you have every seen, heard, smelt, tasted, felt or thought about in stored in Your Unconscious. Like the Hard Drive on your computer you unconscious mind stores everything. But like a Hard drive sometimes our Unconscious Mind needs a re-boot, a partial bit of formatting, or a few files updated or some corruption removed. Hypnotherapists access you Unconscious to re-frame, resolve, or re-program outdated files that maybe slow you down or no longer serve you. You are always in control. Hypnosis helps you de-frag and get back to living your life on your terms.

unconsciously competent

8 Serious Reasons for Laughter

Do we take laughter seriously enough? I don’t think so. There is huge ‘scientifically proven’ medical benefits to be gained just from laughing. We attract more friends, Our mental wellbeing is better, we tend to be happier and to live longer. Another huge plus, is our mental capiticy also improves. So if you aren’t prone to laugh a lot, make friends with people who do, as laughter is infectious. You cannot help becoming addicted to laughing once it becomes part of your daily life. So copy others, laugh for no reason – fake it till you make it – but laugh every day. You will be amazed how good you begin to constantly feel.

The serious benefit of laughter

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